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Market Sampler is a smart and straightforward public opinion research tool. Display micro-surveys nearly anywhere on the internet, and collect non-incentivized feedback data.

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Simple, fast, powerful

Market Sampler is a very capable research tool with transparent targeting, fast data collection, and a simple setup. You can choose to go self-service, or we can manage the whole thing for you.

Quit guessing

Raw data & interactive dashboards

Analysis-ready raw data is included with every research. Tailor-made interactive online are available with various segmentation and filtering options. Corporate level solution for any budget.

Specialized tools

For Brand and Marketing Management

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Test your ads before launching a campaign

Test how people react to your adverts before launching a large-scale campaign. An essential tool for advertisers to avoid costly mistakes.

Measure your brand awareness and popularity

Learn what people like and dislike about your brand and measure your brand awareness among your target customer segments.

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Learn why your competitors beat you

Benchmark your brand awareness and brand popularity against select competitors and see where you can improve to get ahead.

Pay Per Response

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Use this calculator to estimate your research cost with Market Sampler. No annual plans, subscriptions or whatsoever. Pay after your research is done.