Fast & Affordable

Market Sampler can collect over 2,000 responses daily at a surprisingly low cost. The average cost of response is between $0.3 and $0.8.

Analytical insights

Analyze responses by age, gender, and other attributes you configure for your research – our interactive reporting dashboard makes it a breeze.


You are in full control of your research. If you find the self-service tools confusing, you can ask us to handle the entire research for you.

your new superpower


When doing market or public opinion research, you want to get answers beyond your contact list or customer database. Market Sampler connects you with real-world audiences so you can target your surveys to anyone out there.

Open in-depth analytical opportunities with rich, multi-dimensional raw data that comes with every research.

Smart tools for smarter management

Specialized Research Solutions

Ad Tester

Test how people react to your adverts before you launch a large-scale campaign. An essential tool for advertisers to avoid costly mistakes.

From $25

Brand Auditor

Learn what people like and dislike about your brand, and measure your brand awareness among your target customer segments.

From $50

Competitor Analyzer

Benchmark your brand awareness and brand popularity against select competitors, and see where you can improve to get ahead.

From $50

Don’t pay for fluff


Pricing is based on how many responses you need, your research region, and target respondent profile. In most cases, the average cost of response is between $0.3 and $0.8. Optional add-ons like an interactive dashboard or fast report delivery are available.

Self-Service Research

Set up your own research

Get results in days

Pre & after sale support

Dashboard optional


Starting price

Managed Research

Complete research management

Pay after report delivery

Pre & after sale support

Dashboard included


Starting price