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Target surveys to anyone online, even without an audience or respondent database.

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How does it work?

Market Sampler delivers micro-surveys to target respondents on 4+ million websites and apps. All responses are genuine, non-incentivized and collected publicly without using opt-in panels, databases, or survey networks.

Raw data and interactive reports

Multidimensional raw data comes default with every research. Interactive online reports with advanced segmentation options, and PDF reports are optional.

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Genuine answers from people who are not paid to respond.

The biggest problem of the market research industry is unqualified responses. Over 35% of participants on paid survey networks and are fraudsters abusing systems to maximize their earnings.

Market Sampler solves this simply by not paying for responses, but reaching people who are happy to give genuine feedback.

Our system distributes your surveys to 4+ million websites or apps, with the ability to target people on premium placements like Forbes, The New Yorker, CBS, BBC, Cosmopolitan, and more.

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