Zoomia Incorporated Announces Updates to the Zoomia CRM App

Providers of innovative CRM solutions, Zoomia Incorporated, upgrade their CRM app with new features and functionalities as well as a free trial for users

Zoomia Incorporated has reiterated their commitment to helping to increase the efficiency of each individual employee as well as sales and the expansion of the client base, as the company makes upgrades to their CRM app. The company announced two innovative system updates of its kind – the start-up of its own marketplace and the launch of the “Try for free” rate, allowing users to try out the system and its full range of functions.

“Our goal is to as many businessmen as possible around the world discover Zoomia CRM and to understand its advantages, to point out its deficiencies to us so that we can further improve it,” emphasizes the founder of Zoomia Incorporated.

There has been a steady increase in the demand for customer relationship management solutions from businesses across industries. A recent report by BCC Research put the size of the global market for customer relationship management (CRM) software at $48.5 billion in 2019. Experts also project the market size to reach $85.8 billion by 2024. Despite the amazing figures from the market, a plethora of solutions do not meet the needs of businesses in terms of user-friendliness and comprehensiveness. However, Zoomia Incorporated seeks to make a difference, a claim substantiated by the constant update to the user-friendly Zoomia CRM App.

The Zoomia CRM App is designed as a unique solution to automate business processes, helping to solve a majority of the problems encountered by employees and businesses, including low performance, difficulty in accessing data, business optimization, unrelated software products and tools, and the lack of a control system.

Zoomia CRM has become increasingly popular over the years, with over half a decade of successful operation of the company and more than 2000 companies acknowledging the efficiency of the app in helping to automate their process. Some of the benefits of Zoomia CRM that continue to endear it to businesses worldwide include compatibility with all categories and sizes of organizations, free access with the “Try for free” tariff plan, security and simplicity, friendly and clear interface, and regular updates to the system, with the most recent being its own marketplace, videoconferencing, integrated system with countless popular online sales and social media platforms.

Functionalities and features of Zoomia CRM include Accounting Panel, Transactions Management System, Invoicing – invoice generating, Virtual Office, Staff Leave Management System, Task Management System, Sales Funnel, and Client Data Management System. The tool also offers Stock Management, Warehouse Control – the movement of goods and goods audit, Staff Payroll System, Sales Terminal, Product Line, Return of previously purchased goods, Warehouse Directory, Product Category Management, and Sales Outlets.

For further information about Zoomia and to enjoy the free trial feature, visit – https://zoomia.app/en/.

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