Launches a New Type of Utility NFTs Selling Blocks of the Homepage as Non-Fungible Tokens.

San Francisco, CA – Today,, a Web3 company based in California, announced that it is introducing a new type of utility NFT. People will be able to purchase pixel blocks on the homepage and put their image and link on They will then be issued an NFT to confirm their ownership for a small fee in Ethereum.

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens allow storing pieces of data on the blockchain and then trade or sell it later. The primary use of the NFTs has been around creating and selling art but there are so many other use cases that are still in its infancy, such as membership, intellectual property, tickets, voting, gaming and many more. Zmoy is hoping to be at the forefront of Web3 revolution and show how blockchain-powered projects can deliver value to customers.Β 

The homepage of hosts a 1,000 by 1,000-pixel grid and each 10Γ—10 pixel block or larger can be purchased using cryptocurrency. There is a limited number of blocks available for sale and will never exceed 10,000 units. Once they are sold, no more NFTs will be minted, and the only way to buy one will be from the existing NFT holders.

To further increase the attractiveness of its offering, Zmoy will be offering Zmoy Tokens later this year to everyone who has bought an NFT. Zmoy Tokens will be used in phase 2 of the project.Β 

The founder of believes in giving back, so upon sale of the last NFT, will donate 5 ETH to a charity chosen by the community.

The company is committed to supporting its projects for the long haul unlike many other fly-by-night ventures.Β 

The current roadmap outlines the first official release of the NFTs in May of 2022 but there is a limited pre-sale and giveaways going on now. The cost of NFTs will be higher with each release, so the earlier buyers will have the most favorable pricing.

About Zmoy: was founded by a tech entrepreneur out of California with significant experience in launching digital projects for the largest companies in the world.

Twitter: @zmoynft

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