ZIPE the Energy of Mother Earth in the Hands of Alex D’Alessandro, the Great Guitar-Hero of the Electro-Flamenco.

Alex d’Alessandro – ZIPE (Glocal Music Records)
Zipe, the latest album by Alex D’Alessandro which will be released on June 16th 2022 by Glocal Music Records (Magic&Unique Group LTD).

ZIPE (Glocal Music Records) is an acronym of the name of a distant great-uncle (uncle on the father’s side) by Alex D’Alessandro, this album was born to pay homage to his art, since 1880 this great little artist has brought music to everything the world.

The first notes played by “Zipe” shaped the music and the desire to communicate through the notes.

On the album cover you can see “Zipe” at 97, with eyes shining with his fantastic artistic passion.

The song “Zipe”, a kind of waltz full of nostalgia and simplicity, it represents a world that no longer exists. A world full of simple things, in stark contrast to our daily life, a vanished world where the rhythms were slower, more human and more real.

In “Es” and “Medea” return the deepest roots of Flamenco that accompany the entire musical career of Alex D’Alessandro. In the track entitled “Es” there is a tribute to his Andalusian teacher, the late Moraito Chico.

The triptych “Listen to the wind”, “Look the moon” and “Talk to the smoke” is a dedication to the great Native American people, to the memory of all those exterminated by the greed for power and the new ones mestizos who live and resist strong prevarications. A strong people, inspired by magic, nature, shamanic singing and tribal dance; a people that has deep-rooted cultural traditions and a great desire to live and sing.

Alex D’Alessandro lived in a family of artists, his father violin performer, his uncle “1st violin shoulder” and “Zipe”, the shaman of the Music.

Alex D’Alessandro’s concerts take place above all in nature, where music has more reason to exist, in perfect harmonic symbiosis with the rustle of the wind, the important silence of nature and the energy of Mother Earth, always feminine and always present, in spite of everything.

From June 16th 2022, on Spotify and all the Music Streaming services around the world.

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