Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning DC Metro Presents Top-Notch Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning DC Metro
Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning DC Metro is all set to offer residential carpet cleaning services within affordable rates.

The team pride on the fact that they do not leave any stain or odor mark behind on the carpet and upholstery. They are using all the major techniques and chemicals to get rid of smells, stains and germs that the carpet owners haven’t noticed.

Unlike other carpet cleaners, this firm ensures to not leave behind any soapy residue, extra water or harsh chemicals. These substances are known to make things worse and that’s what differ this firm from the other competitors out there. Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning DC Metro is known to be using revolutionary cleaning process.

The method consists of zr water for loosening up embedded dirt and then extracting the dirty water with its patented zr wand. This wand helps in recapturing twice the amount of water than what the traditional carpet cleaning tools might offer. So, that results in a healthy and clean carpet all the time, designed to last for a long time.

In a recent PR conference, the leading spokesperson of Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning DC Metro said, “Our cleaning process won’t be using soaps, shampoos or harsh detergents for cleaning. But, instead, we will be focusing on our three step process. The first one is the zr lifter, which helps in lifting up dead skin, hair along with other particles from the carpet. Then we will use the zr water for rinse the fibers with high-pressure and controlled zr wand, patented. It helps to extract soil and dirt and will leave the carpet free from any residue whatsoever.”

The carpet cleaning method helps in eliminating pet odor. The main concern of a pet owner is ways to get the pet smells out of their place. The traditional carpet cleaners will address the surface region only, trying to clean the visible waste. That will leave a potential threat underneath the surface region of the carpet, in its backing and pad. The traditional cleaners will just mask the odors by spreading oils, perfume or odor masking agents but with temporary results.

That’s when the team from Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning DC Metro comes to the rescue. It will use the deep cleaning method to remove pet odor not just from the surface but also from underneath the carpet, floor subsurface and even sometimes from walls and baseboards. To learn more, visit the official website now!

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