Zero Gravity Electric Adjustable Beds Go Viral? Get It From Victorage

Victorage zero gravity electric adjustable bed

Zero gravity electric adjustable beds have been in vogue due to a Tiktok video shared by American athlete at Winter Olympic 2022 recently. In her video, she showed off the bed’s eight-button remote control and “zero-G mode” – a feature she said is “phenomenal.” The beds can actually change into different shapes, they go from being all flat to being all curvy to reduce the pressure on their joints and muscles to give them a relaxing sensation altogether.

The video attracts much more attention to adjustable beds successfully. It might not be widespread in daily use at present, but it must be a lifestyle trend in the future. Victorage launched their own adjustable beds as well. Actually Victorage has dived into adjustable beds development since two years ago, and it’s time to show their achievement.

There are 3 kinds of beds, including single motor edition, double motors edition and four motors edition. All of these beds have foldable package and convenient simple set up design, almost no assembly.

Under double motors edition and four motors edition, the head articulation can adjust up to 60° and the foot articulation can adjust up to 45°. Full customization adjustment enhances the comfort and sleep to a greater extent. Of course they are also featuring the zero gravity mode. The zero gravity position simulates weightlessness and is similar to sleeping in a recliner. In this position most of the stress in lower back is eliminated while increasing blood circulation which reduces pressure points. Zero gravity also takes pressure off the heart and allows for easier breathing ergonomic features. There are many lifestyle benefits with a touch of a button. It allows any position for ultimate comfort while reading, watching TV, talking on the phone or using computer. What’s more, the adjustment process is silent and won’t disturb the rest.

Except for the zero gravity mode, USB port is also available on the bed, it’s convenient to charge the phone, tablet or other device.

The adjustable bed features a luxurious furniture grade upholstery in a dark grey color for a neutral tone to fit any room setting. It uses American standard sponge and 300g silk wadding. The bedstead is made of iron and is steady enough to bear heavy weight.

They will be available soon in the USA and keep an eye on their website.

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