COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the world economy. The pandemic ruthlessly pushed daily life as well as business activities to a complete halt. The impact of the epidemic on the economy world was absolutely terrible and caused both short and medium to long term effects on businesses of all sizes but small businesses were, of course, hit the worst. The pandemic has set off a significantly transient financial withdrawal, covered many companies, and propelled several million into unemployment.

Entrepreneurship & Difficulties 

Every challenge is an opportunity and every opportunity is a completely unexploited market niche. Social entrepreneurs are commended as ground breaking pioneers whose achievements open doors for those not as lucky. The pandemic proved to be a motivation for entrepreneurs despite the magnitude of adverse impact caused to the economy. Entrepreneurs were quick to react to the changing economic dynamics of the epidemic and some shifted to innovation and creativity to solve problems that ascended from the situation while others focused on providing relief to economic processes and the supply chain. 

The Coronavirus pandemic is an emergency of the extent not seen previously, yielding unexpected changes. A portion of these changes was evident in the arrangement that prompted innovative solutions that emerged rapidly. These solutions in turn made way for additional advancements that grew rapidly to solve social and economic needs. In any case, innovation was a direct result of quick reaction and timely response of entrepreneurs that relied upon the possibility of an idea and also the determination to solve challenges that originated from the pandemic. Creativity and innovation go hand in hand, and social entrepreneurs are touted to be the best of the best. The simplest reason behind the popularity is the entrepreneurs’ ability and determination to solve social and economic issues and make life easier. 

Zachary Green – Social Entrepreneur 

Zachary is a veteran, former firefighter, councilman and a social entrepreneur. Green is determined and on a path since the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey to solve social, economic and technological challenges. The entrepreneur has numerous honors and awards received in lieu of services as an entrepreneur. Zach started off the journey with venture funding from a syndicate of investors that funded the company MN8. The company has been very successful and is still on an upward trajectory. Green is also the co-founder of Velontra, an aerospace company trying to make low orbit missions cheaper, faster and efficient. 

This incredible social entrepreneur cum councilman has been accomplishing one milestone after another while rapidly adjusting to adverse changes and disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The brand, ClearGuard, began producing clear shields as defensive barriers to be used at indoor places where contact was previously unavoidable and the risk of contracting the virus was quite high. This innovative product by Zachary Green and the company significantly reduced the health risks caused by the pandemic and gave some room for indoor businesses to breathe in. This excellent strategy of Zachary not only enabled the company to stay afloat but also contributed to solving problems during the crisis. Since the lift off of major restrictions, the company has moved back to producing safety products and equipment that help keep safe thousands of firefighters worldwide. 

Entrepreneurship is fundamental in the midst of a crisis as it gives an uplifting perspective to new ideas and innovations. This is vital for transforming negative events into positive outcomes. Consequently changing individuals’ insights about the pandemic. Every day, in our daily lives there are numerous challenges and issues that are faced on a social, economic or technological basis. These challenges in the eyes of an entrepreneur, are opportunities waiting patiently to be tapped in to. And so, it’s much more important to think like an entrepreneur before becoming one!

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