Transforming businesses through innovative strategies, Yemi Oluseun propels growth and global expansion in the FinTech sector.

Yemi Oluseun, a distinguished figure in the world of FinTech, has been redefining business growth and transformation for over 14 years. As the founder of The Change Hive and armed with an impressive track record, Yemi has consistently aided startups, as well as Fortune 100 companies, in enhancing their revenue streams and penetrating new markets through her expertise in Sales Funnel Optimization, Go-to-Market (GTM) strategies, and Global Expansion Consulting.

Yemi Oluseun’s contributions to the FinTech sector have been instrumental in reshaping the industry landscape. With an impressive background that spans numerous accomplishments, Yemi’s recent achievements include successfully overseeing the expansion of a PayTech enterprise into the UAE and Saudi Arabia, as well as enabling the establishment of a TaxTech presence in China. During her tenure at Barclays, Yemi showcased her prowess by adeptly managing the implementation of two spin-off startup entities, showcasing her remarkable leadership and strategic skills.

In addition to her impactful work, Yemi Oluseun is also deeply committed to fostering social impact through entrepreneurship. She actively serves as a dedicated business mentor across esteemed programs such as Stanford Seed, Founders Institute, and Techstars. Through these initiatives, Yemi assists early-stage entrepreneurs and small business owners in shaping their ideas into thriving enterprises.

Renowned for her thought leadership and industry insights, Yemi consistently conducts workshops and produces insightful articles on an array of topics. These encompass Implementing Marketing/Sales Funnel Automation, Planning Product Launches & Go-To-Market Strategies, International Expansion Strategies, Defining Mission, Values & Goals (OKRs), and Growth & Innovation Leadership Development.

Yemi Oluseun’s educational background further complements her illustrious career. Holding an MBA and distinguished degrees in Computer Science with First Class honors and distinctions, she possesses a unique blend of business acumen and technical expertise that sets her apart in the competitive landscape.

In recognition of her remarkable achievements and dedication to the FinTech sector, Yemi Oluseun has secured her place among the UK’s Top 100 Most Influential Women in Technology for three consecutive years. This esteemed acknowledgment underscores her continuous commitment to driving positive change and innovation in the industry. 

As a sought-after speaker and thought leader, Yemi’s impact resonates across various platforms. Connect with Yemi Oluseun on LinkedIn at and explore her insights on her website Stay tuned for her upcoming engagements on YouTube (TBC), where she will share her expert perspectives on navigating the ever-evolving world of FinTech and business transformation.

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