XS Multimedia: The Agency Rebrand No One Ever Thought Was Needed

Manila, Philippines – Time is fast, ever-changing, and change is constant. Just like how they roll and be one with living and non-living things, they partake to what it means to grow. Beginnings aren’t always easy, but they continued and definitely delivered.

XS Multimedia takes its pride to reborn in a new version that can withstand all forces. In this time of pandemic, XS Multimedia caters and adjusts to the needs of the clients and to the needs of the industry. This is a major move to refine the direction and traverse to a clearer path—and that is to fulfill the duties as the agency to all market with primary consideration to the existing client basket they have.

This is more than just a rebranding. XS Multimedia aims for more revenue streams. It also aims to reach new markets, clients and brands that would open more opportunities in terms of annual revenue growth and learnings. XSM will open new products to consumers. Aside from the new look, XS Multimedia will be creating fresh and updated contents to the community. Also, they are planning to sell products (design and digital assets) for an affordable price to help fellow multimedia artists so that more and more people can become brutally creative. Adding to the aesthetics, how-tos, marketing and design contents, XS Multimedia started to create their own music under the new XS Multimedia Music Label which includes their first 3 Eps and 4 singles. XS Multimedia Music is available in 249 countries streamed across all music platforms.

By this rebranding, they’ll be able to touch the fives senses: sight, smell, feel, auditory, and taste. This sensory branding they’re introducing defines what a multimedia company should always be and not be limited in the confines of client contracts.

Chis Egan Roxas, CEO of XSM said, “This is a fresh start.A new beginning creates a ripple effect of igniting lost passion. It fuels an already hardworking machine to open new path of discovery.We carry our experience and the talents we developed through time. A fresh start is just apt to execute again the vision and mission of XS Multimedia.”

XS Multimedia wants the clients to know that:

XSM is a company with no fluff. XSM creates brutally creative outputs that delivers result.
XSM is a company that creates relationship and foster them.
XSM is a company that knows the market backed by learned data.
XSM doesn’t just operate on concepts and executions alone but data driven approach to further help analyze the needs and wants of their consumers.

And XS Multimedia is here for all the clients who would work “WITH” them and not working “FOR” them.

XS Multimedia is a creative company that creates passionate and talented individuals to connect brands to consumers. They are grounded and logical. They always stamp the ‘why’ on doing things. XSM is taking their company to another level by still cultivating beautiful and noteworthy campaigns. All of these led to where the company is now.

They are here to innovate their existing services and processes. They are a company that sells experience. A company that is dreamy but always grounded.

They will always define what it means to be brutally creative—to inspire and inform. It doesn’t follow society’s norm. It doesn’t stop on mere ideas but considers execution as equally important. They believe that to be Brutally Creative doesn’t apologize for creating functionally aesthetic outputs. It will never dim its light for others to shine but rather inspire others to illuminate their own.

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