Xpeer AI-Enhanced Matching Service Is Helping Businesses Tackle Sourcing and Outsourcing Challenges

Across a broad range of services, the Xpeer AI adopts a new technological approach in assisting business executives make winning decisions, limiting the risks involved in buying business services by accessing unbiased success stories based on genuine experiences

Figuring out the best way to match a company’s needs with another company’s abilities can be a long and arduous process. It is often a challenge to find the right business or service provider to meet a company’s short-term and long-term needs. Most of the systems developed to help businesses solve this problem have slow matching processes, lack of transparency, and predictability.

Swiss-based startup Xpeer is disrupting traditional matching services with its innovative approach to finding business partners, hiring experts, and other related activities using its AI-enhanced matching system. The Xpeer AI uses crowd intelligence to access a global pool of businesses. It helps businesses source, vet, match and engage the world’s leading businesses for technical and related services.

Crowd intelligence is the process of analyzing a mass of data and information from a large number of sources that can then be applied to various decision-making processes such as identification of viable business partners, information gathering, comparison, and transparency. With AI, Xpeer offers a fresh take on market research by enabling businesses to tap into the experiences of others. Businesses can gauge a product’s popularity, get feedback from other professionals, and read about successful customer experiences in one convenient place.

The crowd intelligence AI by Xpeer covers multiple dimensions, such as popularity through voting, market presence through sharing of insights and articles, an inside-out perspective through insider reviews, and customer experiences through success stories. This ensures businesses access different perspectives and make mind-expanding decisions.

Xpeer AI uses revolutionary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to power the search for a business partner or service provider. The AI technology is a comprehensive, collaborative, web-based platform that can assess and filter potential candidates based on their experience, skills, resources, location, and availability. Furthermore, the Xpeer AI technology’s functionality will be released in multiple steps. The more data is added to Xpeer the more AI learns how to find a perfect business solution on the demand side. Additionally, the AI’s functionality will be aided by support from the human support team.

Businesses can harness the power of Xpeer AI to optimize their business operations, save cost, and manage time. The first step in using the Xpeer AI is to answer a few questions and share demands. After a business owner or CEO has shared their business’s demands, a representative from Xpeer will contact them shortly to ensure the demands are well received, clear, and understandable. Based on this, Xpeer AI will provide them with a curated shortlist of companies and service providers that suit their needs.

B2B businesses ranging from startups to large enterprises looking to buy services like web development, MWP building, marketing, legal, and more can use Xpeer AI for their business activities. Crowd intelligence is an emerging technology that has the potential to change the way companies gather information. The most exciting aspect of this technology is its ability to leverage the intelligence of a diverse and global network of people to help organizations make better decisions.

For more information, please visit https://xpeer.com/en/company/xpeer/market-insights/crowd-intelligence-a-new-way-to-global-sourcing-and-outsourcing.

About Xpeer

Xpeer is reckoned as a digitalized word of mouth service. Based in Switzerland, the company is helping businesses to find service providers and other businesses that meet their needs. Through Xpeer’s AI-backed Intelligent B2B cloud, business owners, CEOs, and managers can source, vet, match, and engage the world’s leading businesses for technical and related services.

To learn more, log on to www.xpeer.com or send an email to moritz.maier@xpeer.com.

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Company Name: Xpeer GmbH
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Phone: +41 78 909 32 72
Country: Switzerland
Website: http://www.xpeer.com/

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