The popular remote monitoring application marks another successful end to the calendar year.

Sacramento, CA – December 30, 2021 – Xnspy, (, a mobile phone monitoring solutions provider and application focusing on providing complete access to mobile devices around the world, is thrilled with yet another successful year of adoption and continued support.

The application provides many tools for remote monitoring functionality to a variety of users, and its recent screen recording functionality garnered praise from many in its loyal user base. Xnspy offers a complete suite of options to its two largest user categories – parents and employers. The company has catered to schools and educational institutes in 2021 as well and hopes its focus on privacy and digital protection continues into the new year.

Xnspy was built around the idea of digital safety. The company realizes the dangers present to children and employers (via its employees) and has the remote monitoring application for iOS and Android devices as the tool to gain back control on the matter.

Keeping the ethos of the company in mind, Xnspy hopes to continue the next calendar year with the same vigor and determination.

“We’ve had a fantastic year,” said Xnspy’s CEO. “With the pandemic almost behind us, we’re left in a situation where half of the world is either coming back to normalcy or fully embracing the digital approach. For both of these use-cases, our app has had profound benefits.”

The company’s CEO was also keen to highlight some of the challenges they faced in the remote monitoring application world but insisted that they were seen as a challenge and not a distraction.

“We’ve seen a lot of people enter this segment of apps and services, but I’ve always believed that competition is what drives us forward,” he added.

He also said, “Our primary motivation is how this segment improves and what we can still offer to our users. It’s always a challenge, but one that we always need.”

On the subject of what’s in store for the remote monitoring application, he remained tightlipped and insisted that innovation and changes are to be expected. Xnspy’s focus has been on providing a complete set of features with near-perfect implementation, which the company has achieved for another year running and hopes to replicate the success in 2022 as well.

Xnspy began its foray into the mobile recording and monitoring space in 2013, shortly after the two biggest mobile operating systems (Android and iOS) gained traction in the consumer world. Since then, Xnspy has been a consistent presence in the phone monitoring arena and has routinely been placed high on app stores in its category and is favored by critics and reviewers alike.

Today, Xnspy aims to be a complete solution for anyone looking for mobile device monitoring solutions and has a host of capabilities that set it apart from its competition. Their website also hosts updated information and in-depth guides and how-to instructions for novice and experienced users. Xnspy has also continuously been lauded for its pro-user approach to troubleshooting and fixing bugs via its agile customer support.

About Xnspy

Xnspy, the owner and operator of, is an independent application and software dedicated to providing monitoring solutions for mobile devices and tablets. Applicable on cross-platform devices, the software provider provides its tools to both Android and iOS devices. Xnspy has been voted the premier application for monitoring services by a host of technology brands and websites alike. The company is proud to help people, whether concerned parents or austere business owners, to have an all-in-one solution for their device monitoring requirements.

Xnspy allows its users to record calls, monitor text messages and call logs, monitor social media activity on up to 12 of the most popular social media websites or applications and have a watch list with specific words, apps, or people. With the new release, Xnspy adds the functionality for users to effortlessly record on-device activity, too.

Offering flexible payment options, Xnspy has become a market leader in the mobile phone monitoring space and continues to dominate the space. The software company proudly serves thousands of people across the world.

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