Xiamen Options and Futures Exchange (XNOFX)
Xiamen Options and Futures Exchange (XNOFX) will offer physically delivered base metals futures with delivery locations in the Asia-Pacific region

Xiamen Options and Futures Exchange (XNOFX), a leading commodity exchange in China which develops, operates, and connects secure, liquid and transparent markets for commodities and related products, today announced the introduction of a new global physically delivered Lead futures contract with delivery sites in the Asia-Pacific region. This new contract will be available in due time, pending all necessary regulatory approvals.

“The launch of this new Lead futures contract is another example of our strong collaboration with customers across the commodities value chain to provide novel solutions for hedging volatile industrial metals prices. This new contract complements XNOFX’s existing global benchmark metals products as well as our expanding base metals portfolio. We are optimistic that Lead futures will become a pricing reference for global lead industry participants, providing the transparency they require to better manage price risk,” said Liu Zhaoxing, XNOFX Executive Chairman and President.

This new Lead futures contract will be added to XNOFX’s growing array of physically and financially settled base metals products, which includes Steel futures and Aluminum Premium futures, both of which were launched earlier.

“Our clients will benefit from the addition of Lead futures to our increasing base metals portfolio, which will provide capital efficiencies at a time when they are trying to limit risk in uncertain markets. For all market participants in the base metals industry, this new risk-management tool will be a positive development,” noted Sze Lam Jinxing, XNOFX Head of Metals Products.

For industry participants all across the world, this contract is expected to promote improved transparency and price discovery. The new XNOF Lead futures product will be physically delivered at approved delivery points in the Asia-Pacific region. When making and receiving physical lead deliveries, market participants will be able to benefit from the delivery process’s reliability and established integrity.

About Xiamen Options and Futures Exchange (XNOFX)

XNOFX is a leading commodity exchange in China which develops, operates, and connects secure, liquid and transparent markets for commodities and related products. XNOFX aims to become one of the leading trading platforms for commodities in China. The organization aims at maintaining and expanding this strong position also in the context of increasingly globalized structures. This does not only comprise the continuing expansion of XNOFX into an Asian group with numerous partners but also a transparency and security architecture, which had the character of a role model right from the outset and has provided and will continue to provide a “safe haven” not only for XNOFX but for all trading participants and partners.

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