WPS Academy Introduces Free Tutorials for Office Suite and Windows

Introducing an advanced way to boost work and study efficiency

WPS Academy is offering free tutorials for office suite and Windows. This is in addition to its free office tutorials for Android, IOS, MAC, and Linux. The free tutorials cover courses, including WPS Spreadsheet, WPS Writer skills, WPS Presentation skills, and WPS PDF skills. On the WPS Office Academy website, students are trained to transition from beginners level to advanced level fully. They are taught to upskill through video courses, graphic tutorials, and animated GIFs.

With a team of experts, the Academy constantly updates its video courses, making students access a wide variety of tools and techniques. At the Academy, students are trained on how to highlight every row in Excel, use flash fill to fill in data quickly, clear formatting for text contents in Word documents,Β  convert Word to JPG/PNG/BMP/TIF in WPS Office, among others. This is a rare opportunity for people to acquire high-income skills and use them to improve performance.

The company knows every function of WPS and teaches students how to utilize it to its full potential at no cost. Many users use WPS on a basic level, completely unaware of the numerous features it has. This is why the WPS Academy was designed to reveal all features of WPS and train people to become professionals in the application of WPS Office tools. The company believes that If WPS Office is fully utilized, people can do almost anything from presentations to writing in a professionally structured way. Also, they will become more relevant in the scheme of things and highly sought-after by organizations.

β€œWPS Academy allows users to get professional education in a wide variety of WPS products. Our courses cover lessons on how to insert a background image and print it out in WPS Spreadsheet, use the document comparison function, add footnotes in WPS Writer, and compress presentation files for free. We also offer numerous packages to help individuals become the best of themselves. We believe that immediately after completing the courses, students will become more knowledgeable, skilled, and relevant,” said the company’s spokesperson.

For more information, visit https://www.wps.com/academy/?utm_source=organicbacklinks&utm_medium=press

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