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REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE – With the drastic rise in the cost of living in the world due to various calamities, most people have opted to have more than one job concurrently. This process isn’t to help them maintain their living standards. Many online platforms have mushroomed, enabling employers to advertise various job openings available in their companies. It has also benefited the employees since they can apply for jobs in their comfort zones. Work Class Group is among the companies that have established an online website supporting the job hunting experience. Over the years, it has proven to be the best site offering good services to its clients without any disappointments.

Employment types

Due to differences in human wants, people may consider looking for jobs that satisfy their needs. It may also depend on the situation they are facing. WorkClass has tried its best to accommodate all these needs on its website to allow people to locate their preferred job preferences with ease. It offers a range of employment types, such as internships, full-time jobs, part-time jobs, contracts, and Ad Hocs. These employment types allow one to navigate efficiently, enabling one to plan their daily activities to meet their work plans. It also helps students gain work experience, thus preparing them to be competent in their future jobs while earning funds to sustain their livelihood in the process.

Job Categories

For years, employees seeking jobs were forced to look for jobs in person. This process was tiresome since one could end up not meeting the qualifications set by the employer or even find out that the vacancy had already been occupied. WorkClass has provided a platform whereby a person can apply for jobs online, which is faster compared to the old techniques. Also, it has made sure that many jobs are posted on the site and the ones already occupied are removed immediately to reduce inconveniences. Job categories offered are hospitality jobs, admin jobs, transportation jobs, and sales jobs.

Earnings and Payment

People work to earn money. The earnings are used to pay for one’s livelihood and also for investments. Most employees are usually concerned about their wages and the amount paid. WorkClass has allowed employers to showcase the salary they are offering to pay for the work done. The good thing is that one can earn based on the hours worked or monthly.

About Work Class

WorkClass is a job platform that makes jobs available to clients in the shortest time possible. It has benefited the majority of employers and employees in Singapore, across a wide range of job groups and categories. They are based in Singapore in the regions of the North, Central, West, and North-east and east of Singapore. A client can reach the company via their company email at when in need of direct communication. One can also access them via their Facebook, LinkedIn, Jooble, or Instagram accounts to air their grievances. The clientele views are strictly adhered to by the management, hence making work easier for both parties.

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