Woolly Mammoth Media’s Artistic Products Are Gaining Popularity as They Can Brighten Up Any Interior

Woolly Mammoth Media’s artistic products are ideal for styling any home offices or interiors.

Woolly Mammoth Media began its artistic journey in 2019. It was started by a British artist who created a collection of wall art prints and artistic products through the website www.w-m-m.com.

The British artist has been creating artistic products for a long time. The designs range from modern alcohol bottles designs to safari animals, line art drawings and classic cars. It was during the lockdown that the artist started producing more designs from home. After being motivated by friends and family, the artist added some prints to an online store. The surprise element was that the products sold very quickly. The artist began to add more designs and started developing other collections. 

The collection at Woolly Mammoth Media consists of artistic phone cases, notebooks, cushions, splatter wall art prints, coffee mugs and notebooks. The core range of the company is wall art. However, they have a range of other products for their customers. The products are ideal for modern and stylish interiors and home offices.  

The products are made using the modern splatter and splash watercolor medium. Despite providing high-quality products, the prices have been kept affordable for everyone. 

The company donates from every sale to helpingelephants.org. They do this because they are passionate about the animals on the planet and want to do their bit for them. They believe that with every purchase made, they will make a difference. 

Woolly Mammoth Media plans to become a great online retailer that can offer a wide range of design-led products for brightening up any home interior.

They provide free worldwide delivery. Since the products are sent to far-away places, the packaging is done meticulously. Single-use plastics are avoided to save the environment. They also use plastic-free tape and plastic-free bubble wrap for packing the different products.

For more information, visit: w-m-m.com

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