Wizard of OZ Creating a Virtual World for Kidz

Q&A Interview with Metaverse Startup Entrepreneur & Wizard of OZ, JD

I sat down to interview JD, a metaverse startup entrerpreneur who’s vision is to create an “edutaining” virtual world for “kidz” from sunny Prague.

JD provides great insights into the trials & tribulations of the tech startup world, and the challenges needed to be overcome to make an impact in the world, focusing on his own experiences in this exciting Web 3.0 space.

JD returned from Australia to his place of birth, Prague, in the Czech Republic, a new thriving centre for tech startups with the likes of the unicorn Rohlik which raised hundreds of millions of dollars in 2021 where JD also provided innovation insights to Rohlik.

Outside of his startup activities, he coaches young tech startups as he believes in supporting young entrepreneurs. He also hosts the “Metaverse Startups 4 Dummies” podcast, where he talks to other visionaries taking an innovative approach to Web 3.0.

Of course, his main focus is on his new metaverse startup, an edutaining virtual world where kids can experience their future lives & role-play jobs through immersive role-playing experiences powered by global brands

Q) Firstly, why Prague?

Because of what’s been happening the last couple of years with the coronavirus and the changes it has induced in business, startups especially can work with the world in their pocket via remote working. With our global potential, wherever I am I will be dealing with multiple time zones, the key ones being Asia, Americas and Europe. I have already spent many years in Japan, Australia, & Silicon Valley, so why not base out of Prague? Most companies, even top global accelerators such as Y-combinator have gone remote. Additionally, Prague has a thriving ecosystem for tech startups and I see Europe as being a major hub for metaverse startups.

Q) BTW where did your name “JD” come from ?

It was coined many years ago from my TV personality days in Japan, and it stuck, so since then it’s been my name for all aspects of my life, private and business, including both books I’ve published. I guess it’s like how we know Madonna or JR.

Q) What are you building in the Metaverse & what inspired you ?

I’m building an edutaining virtual world for kids called WonderWorld. We’re an early-stage technology startup currently offering major brands the opportunity to participate in a pilot program, that delivers to kids a taste of real world experiences. Given advances in AR and VR along with increasing bandwidth globally through a multitude of devices and platforms, the advent of the metaverse in the Web 3.0 era, my dreams can now come to fruition.

Q) Why are you focused on Kids ?

I’ve always loved kids and it was my dream as a 15-year old kid to “earn a million dollars” to be able to build a world for kids when I grow up. And, I love to edutain and inspire kids to build their life dreams, building their and our futures.

Q) What will kids be able to do in your virtual world ?

Did you ever want to be a doctor growing up? Or an astronaut? A TV network knows best how to train future TV presenters & produce shows. A food franchise knows best how to teach kids about cooking & running a restaurant. Kids will be able to experience all this and more in our immersive and fun job role-playing. They will be able to learn about what mum and dad do every day thanks to integrated experiential partnerships with global brands.

Q) How do you see it impacting kid’s lives?

All kids have dreams in life, just like I did as a kid and the role-playing experience will help them achieve their dreams and prepare for adult life.

Q) What are your plans with this Metaverse startup this year and the next 3 years ?

3 years is a very long time in this new era. This new era and paradigm shift will last 10-15 years. For perspective, let’s look back to the early 2000s and the onset of Web 2.0, the full potential of which is still being realised to this day. So who knows where we’ll be in 3 years, or 15. Our vision is to help enable kids to fulfil their dreams virtually role-playing real world experiences, and focus on providing value from year 1.

Q) What competition do you have now & will have in the future?

We’re at the very beginning of Web 3.0 with some major players already out there such as Meta’s Horizon World, Roblox, and Decentraland. However there are and will be many more startups disrupting this space and doing exciting things, each with their own unique angle and vision I’m not a fan of all the senseless shooting & killing games out there. My focus is on “edutainment”, fun learning.

Q) How do you envisage making money ?

We have a 3-tier business model: Brand partnerships, Freemium model and In-game economy, and lastly Merchandising and NFT revenue.

Q) What type of corporations or brands will be in your virtual world?

All local, national and major global corporations that deliver experiences, products and services to kids will have to jump on board the metaverse train sooner or later, as it will infiltrate all areas of our lives.

Q) What do you see as your biggest challenge in building the virtual world for kids?

Companies need to appreciate the reality of the need to be involved prior to the rest of the market (their competitors) getting involved. Some major players already appreciate this, such as Nike, however this is an opportunity for other legacy companies, including smaller brands, to attain that holy grail of first-mover status. But, they need to be visionary and bold.

Q) Tell us more about your pilot program for brands?

We will be choosing only 1 company partner for each industry sector. If an organisation is committed to making a positive impact to kid’s lives globally, this is an opportunity to join and together create an immersive and edutaining learning about their brand and its values through online role-playing.

Q) It’s said we learn from our mistakes, what mistakes have you learnt from & what is your advice to youth ?

Fail fast, learn by doing! I’ve … experienced many challenges and made many mistakes over the years. Simply put, my life has been agile.

Q) Have you raised investment for your startup ?

We are currently raising a small round from individual investors as well as talking to a number of top global accelerators such as Antler and Y-Combinator and a local Czech player.

Q) You certainly have wide and varied experiences in your life, which do you remember most, & how do you want to be remembered?

Aside from my athletics race-walking record which stood for over 10 years unbroken, Top of the list has to be climbing Mt. Fuji backwards and climbing down barefoot. Guiness Book of Records wrote to me asking if I’d do it again with a TV crew. Maybe soon ha ha. But seriously, I don’t need to be a world #1 at anything. I do though need to know that I have lived many lives in my one short life. My legacy will be to have helped millions of kids reach their potential in life.

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