WinkGem Ultimate Future Activation for the Community

We are building WinkGem – a global marketplace based on blockchain and smart contracts. It enables one-click sale, exchange or evaluation of every virtual item between digital assets on any platform. The blockchain will ensure 100% security and safety. Smart contracts are the bridge on blockchain to connect all crypto cosmopolitan without any third party needed. They will log changes of ownership and automatically transfer payments.

WinkGem Projects for Future are

Social Media (

NFTs and Metaverse

DeFi and DEx

Staking and Farming

WinkGem’s main goal is to unite all the platforms in one place and build an awesome community of users thaat will multiply over time. Using advanced quantum green algorithm to validate transactions. With the Quantum Cipher Currency WinkGem Technology everyone can be part of the network and mint your own coins. The hybrid quantum algorithm of WinkGem favors smaller miners and users by design and accesibility. Sophisticated versatile and reliable underlying network for transactions is decentralized of full nodes. Using WinkGem quantum hybrid network you are limitless to your access to bank funds and be a walking ATM machine.

WinkGem coin token is represented by WinkGem (WGEM) BEP20 BSC Network. WinkGem is the only currency used across WinkGem platforms and Projects. Every purchase, sale, exchange or any other transaction on the platform will require the use of WinkGems. It will be used across the WinkGem platform, and will not be limited by the platform in the future. Growing over time, WinkGem targets growth of valuation and community of more than 10,000x++. WinkGems will be used: As a currency for buying or selling in-game items Delivering the sales commission to the owners of the rights on digital property Buying premium accounts for wholesale and individual sellers Purchasing BigData analytics.

WinkGem Crypto Tokens are available in PanCakeSwap and other Crypto Exchange and Listings.

Contract Address: 0xbd38cA8D78ed0aB7b2EbFdC6Fa3A04333d2D638cWinkGem

NFTs are now Available in OpenSea search WinkGem

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Contact Person: Hiroto Itsuki
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Country: Philippines