Wild EXOplanet Is Proving to Be a Major 5 Star GameFi Discovery of 2022

AAA blockbuster blockchain online action-adventure game Wild EXOplanet is bringing a unique combination of survival gameplay and P2E mechanics for the players.

Wild EXOplanet Introduction –

No need for any astronomy research here, forget about radial velocity and transit techniques, Wild EXOplanet has done all the work and discovered an absolute Star! Wild EXOplanet is a new space exploration crypto game based on the Ethereum Blockchain that incorporates innovative and unique features. The gaming industry has continuously flourished over the past decade and blockchain technology has taken gaming to a whole new level. Wild EXOplanet is an innovative AAA blockbuster blockchain online action-adventure game with P2E mechanics being developed on the latest high-tech game engine Unreal Engine 5. The game is a unique combination of survival gameplay on a newly discovered exoplanet full of dangers and opportunities to get rich, and P2E mechanics that allow players to earn money.

Orbiting Closer to the Stars –

Meet the TeamThe Wild EXOplanet team comprise of expert and experienced game developers with many many years’ experience in their respected field. The parent group consists of two companies. The first company ‘Siberian Koala’ is located in St. Petersburg and specializes in the development of high-end story-driven video games. The second company ‘Skyscraper Games’ located in Singapore is a well-known video games publisher and highly respected within this field. “Our journey started with a realisation of company “Unified Standards, we truly believe we have created an effective model and a breeding ground for innovation and collaboration to come to life.” – (Founders: Dimitri Kipra & Eugene Anishchenko)

NFT Mint Event (Phase 1) –

The total collection includes 10,098 unique tokens which are functionally added into the game and can be used as characters. There are five tiers available for minting, each containing one NFT. Tier 1 (6907 pieces) will be in phase 1. The whitelist sale will take place on 15th February 2022 with a price of 0.2 ETH. The public sale will take place shortly after that on the 16th February 2022 where the price to mint will be 0.25 ETH. There will be an exciting NFT reveal on the 18th February.

In Closing –

Why Choose Wild EXOplanet? The year 2021 showed just a glimpse into the adoption of blockchain technology within the gaming industry. The industry will indeed explode further in 2022. Wild EXOplanet is simultaneously creating the next top tier premium blockchain game while launching the next must-have NFT digital asset keeping people right on trend. This is the most revolutionary decentralized gaming experience anybody has seen in quite a while which is sure to captivate everybody from the very moment one takes their first step into this adventure. In the community, there is a strong feeling that now is a good time to invest in such a premium NFT play and earn game. They feel the NFT’s alone will appeal to any collector or gamer alike. Anybody can join them to start creating their own completely unique battle-ready NFTs as everybody eagerly await the release of this much-anticipated blockchain game.

For more information about this amazing NFT P2E game project, visit www.wildexoplanet.com.

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