Why Woman Love Training With Laila at in Shape Ladies Fitness Club?

Why woman love training with Laila at In Shape Ladies Fitness Club?
Well, training women the last thirty years have provided Laila with the experience and expertise that enabled her to be the sought after fitness coach everyone wants to work with.

See, training in the gym is like everything else!! It’s all about the experience. Just like enjoying their favorite coffee brand, beauty treatment or restaurant. Women are also looking for the perfect fitness experience.

Laila figured out that women want to look amazing and feel great about themselves and came up with the magic formula that delivers a training experience which keeps women coming back for more!

Her training technique is very simple because it is based on one thing and only one thing “the ability to perform”. Laila stays within the basic sound and scientific training methods while maintaining the volume required to obtain the desired affect and achieve a strong and super shaped physique.

She believes in training SMARTER not HARDER by combining complex moves with simpler exercises to target muscle groups. This method allows for recovery between sets and applying more focus on form and technique.

Also, by implementing variety and creativity to exercise choice during every training session Laila has succeeded in keeping her clients motivated, consistent and continuously progressing. She believes every woman deserves a memorable journey which transforms into a lifestyle that reflects how able and accomplished a woman who loves herself can be…

The phrase” No Pain No Gain” is not part of her training methods or philosophy. Pain does not translate into a pleasurable experience and she prides herself in providing her clients with an enjoyable and professional training experience.

She insists that exercising should never be grueling, hard and painful! YES, it should be challenging because if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.

Laila also makes sure that all members of her training team at In Shape Ladies Fitness Club adhere to and adopt her methodology implementing the same quality service across the board. Over the years she has created many training programs which are currently offered as part of the gym’s personal training programs.

Laila’s vision and philosophy is making personal training more accessible to women because it is the ULTIMATE fitness experience and gets the BEST results. To achieve this, she has personally designed and launched her latest ground breaking and unique program “Body SHAPE-n-Tone One-on-One Personal Training”, which is geared to train women safely, efficiently and progressively with proper form and technique to achieve their desired goal. This program will be conducted by her team who are all Level 3 certified trainers and have had extensive training on delivering this program.

Body SHAPE-n-Tone PT is the ONLY One-on-One Personal Training program in Dubai offered at the price of AED 120 / Session which is cost effective and financially viable for many women.

Laila’s mission is to make sure more women get into fitness to enhance their lives, their confidence and all their health by simply learning how to love the GYM.

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