Why sport training matters according to coach Faisal Al Kaabi?
The mental benefits of sport and physical activity cannot be overstated. Sport has always been known for their physical benefits. In recent years, researches have also found that sport participation can also positively affect your mental health. Hence, the benefits of regular sports are countless, and its impact on the athletes’ lives is immediate in terms of health and aesthetic dimensions as well as the physiological and psychological ones.

In an attempt to spread knowledge about the benefits of sports training, Faisal Al Kaabi shares some of those main benefits with his followers.

1) Would you please introduce yourself to our audience?

My name is Faisal Al Kaabi. I am a Qatari personal trainer and fitness coach based in Qatar, Doha. I launched my journey as a fitness coach and personal trainer 18 years ago. I chose this domain out of my passion, it is not as simple job for me but a dream career.

2) Was “personal trainer” a dream or a career you sought for?

As I mentioned before, I have never thought of being a personal trainer and a fitness coach as a simple career. my love and passion for personal training and fitness urged me to follow up my dream in being one of the most influential personal trainers and fitness coaches. It is all about my passion, love and talent at the same time.

3) Based on your knowledge as a personal trainer, what are the main benefits of sport training?

Training is extremely important and should form an integral part of our daily routines. Training allows the body to gradually build up strength and endurance, improve skill levels and build motivation, ambition and confidence. Training also allows all athletes to gain more knowledge of their sport as well as enabling them to learn about the importance of having a healthy mind and body. In terms of physical effects of training, regular exercise increases muscle tone, facilitates good circulation, improves strength, agility and flexibility. Besides it improves the rate of waste product disposal. Regular training also speeds up recovery time following physical exercises; this enables the body to cope with the demands of training more effectively and makes it more resistant to injury and illness. Training also has benefits for mental health as it improves concentration and increase self-esteem.

4) In your opinion, why people don’t exercise despite knowing the importance of training?

I believe that modern technological development is playing a major role in having people neglecting their daily training and sports nowadays. People prefer spending much more time surfing internet, chatting and playing online games rather than training and practicing sports.

5) How much time do you recommend for training?

Actually, I advise people who don’t have medical cases to practice for only 30-45 minutes/day, 4-3 times/week, and these are way 

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