DAXLIFTER aerial work platforms, scissor lift are currently widely used in the industry with two main drive methods: hydraulic drive and electric drive. So, why do most rental users prefer to choose hydraulically driven scissor aerial work platforms? Below, we will solve one by one from the aspects of product performance, cost control, serviceability and failure rate, parts inventory management, etc.:

1. Product performance: good!

Compared with electric drive, hydraulic drive has the advantages of stability and durability, compact structure and long service life (hydraulic motor drive has at least 100,000 hours of service life). It is especially suitable for leasing customers who need the equipment to be kept in good condition for rent for a long time to cope with the frequent use of high-intensity and harsh environments. Specifically in:

1 Hydraulic medium has good lubricity and rust resistance, which is beneficial to prolong the service life of hydraulic components. The hydraulic motor drive has a life span of at least 100,000 hours. Generally, electric-powered equipment will start to fail frequently after 100 hours of operation.

2 When the battery is out of power, hydraulically driven equipment can still easily release the brake manually; while electrically driven equipment cannot release the brake, which brings safety hazards.

3 Equipment In a humid and rainy environment, hydraulically-driven equipment can run unimpeded; while electric-driven equipment will cause brake pads to rust, drag brakes, and brake coils to burn out due to water in the brake coils.

4 Compared with other transmission modes, under the same power, the hydraulic device is small in size, light in weight and compact in structure.

5 The hydraulic device can realize stepless speed regulation in a large range (speed regulation range up to 2000 r/min), and speed regulation can be carried out during operation.

Two cost control: low!

The hydraulic drive’s after-sales service and spare parts cost advantages are obvious, which is conducive to the reduction of maintenance costs for leasing customers, thereby maximizing the return on investment.

1 Since most of the hydraulic components have achieved standardization, serialization and generalization, the design, manufacture and use of hydraulic systems are relatively convenient. The maintenance cost is low.

2 For electric-driven equipment, the carbon brushes of the motor are not easy to disassemble, and the entire motor needs to be replaced in the event of a failure. The maintenance cost is relatively high, which is equivalent to the cost of replacing a whole set of batteries.

Three serviceable performance: high! ; Failure rate: low!

It can maximize the normal working time of the equipment and improve the return on investment.

1 The hydraulically driven scissor aerial work platform frequently brakes or stops suddenly on the slope, and the walking motor shaft will not be deformed; under the same working conditions, the walking motor shaft of the electric driven equipment will be deformed, causing gear oil leakage or motor burnout.

2 Hydraulically driven equipment has no brake cable or motor cable, and there will be no cable open circuit and short circuit faults; while the most common faults of electric drive equipment are the open circuit and short circuit of the brake cable and the motor cable.

3 Of course, hydraulically driven equipment does not have the common faults of electric drive equipment such as drive motor burnout and brake coil burnout.

4 Hydraulically driven equipment does not have the phenomenon of rusty brake pads and drag brakes. On the other hand, electric drive equipment has frequent drag brakes due to rusting of the brake pads.

5 In the application of aerial work platforms, because the wires of the electric drive motor are exposed, it is very easy to be damaged.

Four parts inventory management: save!

Most leasing companies say that the stock of spare parts for electric-driven scissor aerial work platforms is on average more than three times that of hydraulically driven equipment. Increase the difficulty and cost of spare parts inventory management.

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