Why Dodomoo Has Been the Best 3D Voxel Characters Artwork

Dodomoo is a distinct 1800 3D Voxel Characters developed for the Metaverse social space, and is an NFT built on the Ethereum blockchain. The Non-fungible token includes a 3D OBJ file, high resolution, and Lossless Render PNG that can be used in 3D animations, as avatars, in games, and traded as NFT collections.

Dodomoo NFT comprises different characters, each having its rare and unique attributes. It has a big plan of launching humanized characters to the Metaverse community, thus emerging as the first 3D Voxel artwork to move humanity into the Metaverse.

The upcoming phases of Dodomoo’s advancement will usher in another 3600 characters needed to develop Decentraland’s community, and animate their characters into films/movies. Voxel Characters haven’t been as when Dodomoo came on the scene.

When it comes to 3D Voxel artists, Dodomoo is the finest. They uphold beauty and simplicity, making Voxel art charming and giving it an unending vitality and distinct value.

Dodomoo’s Voxel creation is uncommon and special, with each Character having its expression and discrete personality. Dodomoo’s characters have truly rich humanity.

Its characters have more detail and attributes. These attributes give them additional value.

Clothing designs made with Dodomoo can determine if it is a housewife, athlete, musician, student, fashion youth, or entrepreneur. The emotions are noticeable from the eyes and are highly impressive.

In terms of the human feel of Dodomoo’s artwork, they are very good at that. Their vision depicts they have committed plans to build a social network in the Metaverse and keep on releasing more human-friendly three-dimensional characters.

If this roadmap is achieved, anybody who doesn’t like robots or games will finally access the Metaverse using their favorite humanized avatars. In the virtual world, you can express yourself freely as you want. This scenario could be the key aspiration of Meta.

So far, they are considered No 1. in the Voxel art space and are the New NFT in 2022. The first series will be released on Opensea on the 28th of March.

But how does Dodomoo relate to meebits, or how can we compare them?

Meebits is the most successful 3D Voxel artwork. They are 20,000 distinct three-dimensional Voxel characters built on an algorithm.

Meebits is an NFT project created by Larva Labs, the brain behind CryptoPunks.

The developers of Meebits wrote, “Let’s assume the CryptoPunks are perfect two-dimensional avatars for Twitter, Discord, and other social networks; we believe that Meetbit can be the third-dimensional avatar for games, virtual worlds, and VR.”

What makes Meebits comparable to Dodomoo is that they both are 3D voxel characters meant to be applied in Metaverse, and can work with VR, games, game engines, and 3D studios for Virtual worlds, only the difference is their design style.

On the NFT marketplace, there are trades in numbers proposed to traders. It allows for simple sell, buy, and bid transactions. To acquire the artwork, you buy it from Opensea. When you buy from the official sale, you can usually get the floor price. After the official sale, you can bid from other holders in the secondary market.

For any NFT investor, both NFTs will definitely offer a good return on your money in as much as you trade cautiously, i.e., within your risk threshold.

Website link: https://www.dodomoo.com/

Twitter link: https://twitter.com/DODOMOONFT

Discord link: https://discord.gg/3PZ9qnG68F

Opensea link: https://opensea.io/DODOMOO

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