Why Cloud-Based PBX Phone Systems Have BOOMED Throughout the Pandemic, and Why They’re Here to Stay

There’s no denying that the American workforce has changed since 2020, and this is partly due to the popularization of cloud-based PBX phone systems.

Columbus, OH — (ReleaseWire) — 02/15/2022 — Businesses everywhere have turned to the cloud since the pandemic forced them to keep their operations productive via remote working, and today countless businesses are continuing to move forward with cloud communications with the support of a high-quality PBX phone system and other telecommunication technologies.

Although the telecom cloud market was already growing at a massive rate prior to 2020, researchers are now expecting that the market will grow at a yearly rate of nearly 25% throughout the remainder of the decade. Nearly 90% of all companies have increased their cloud adoption by improving their PBX phone system, and below is a breakdown detailing exactly why this has occurred.

The Role of PBX Phone Systems Throughout the Pandemic

Many employers scrambled at the beginning of the pandemic in terms of how they were going to maintain efficiency and productivity with a remote workforce, and the answers to these dilemmas was quite clearly cloud-based communications. Today, countless workers are completing all sorts of tasks from home that they otherwise would have done from an office, including:

Taking calls from customers
Talking about issues with co-workers
Having meetings
Sharing files
And a lot more!

Many businesses throughout the United States and abroad have finally embraced the true beauty of the Internet, and are subsequently embracing a brand new lifestyle that they previously never thought was possible. The new work-from-wherever business model that the pandemic catalyzed has changed the fabric of society in a profound way, and business leaders don’t seem to want to go back to how things used to be even with COVID cases dramatically dropping!

Common Company Advantages From PBX Phone System Communications

Cloud-based PBX phone systems provide many important benefits for businesses beyond simply being practical and convenient for remote workforces, and today these technologies are 100% essential for small and large businesses to maintain innovation.

Below are some common company advantages that businesses utilizing cloud-based PBX phone systems have experienced:

Improved Flexibility
Businesses utilizing traditional PBX phone systems needed to pivot quickly at the beginning of the pandemic, which is why countless companies switched to a cloud-based PBX phone system so their communication tools and workforce needs would be more flexible to accommodate all sorts of ensuing changes.

This flexibility has proven to have had a massive impact on the average worker, which is why cloud-based PBX communications are now the new norm!

Overhead Savings

Business leaders inevitably experienced overhead cost savings when they switched from traditional business phone systems to cloud-based communications, and this is largely because their calls and IT resources are all managed via the Internet. This means no paying for extra charges or phone lines, or international/long-distance calling.

Savings like this have made cloud-based PBX systems much more attractive for businesses to maintain even today as the pandemic subsides.

Enhanced Security

Switching from traditional to cloud-based PBX phone systems gives businesses the opportunity to secure their communications via an off-site, secure server that’s housed by specialists who are experts at maintaining network security. The comprehensive protection businesses obtain from a cloud-based PBX provider helps them focus more on all sorts of other needs.

So simply not having to worry about your data security is a big sigh of relief for many business leaders!

Streamlined Scaling

Cloud-based business phone systems also make scaling much easier, which is still absolutely critical even today. Many industries have needed to either cut down or increase their workforce numbers due to rapid profit fluctuations, and in 2022 many businesses are rebounding and now expanding their remote employee base.

A Hybrid Workforce Is Here To Stay Thanks To Cloud-Based PBX Phone Systems!

There truly is no going back to the old ways of office life now that businesses everywhere have made the transition to cloud-based communications and have gotten used to all the benefits these systems provide.

Employees also simply want to work indefinitely in remote scenarios, and this in effect has brought the original purpose of the Internet to fruition. People will no longer be tied down to mundane routines of navigating through city gridlocks to and from their office spaces, and many people will begin living out their dreams of being full-time in beautiful locations throughout the United States.

Our new hybrid workforce will inevitably initiate all sorts of improvements in our everyday lifestyles and routines, which is good for both employees and business leaders!

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