Why BTCPrinters 50x Price Rise in 2 Weeks Is Justified

Have you ever bought something for $1,000 for it to suddenly be worth $50,000 only 2 weeks later? I’m sure you’ve heard of NFT’s making millionaires overnight. Well, if you’re wondering what the next “big thing” is and you’re reading this right now then maybe you haven’t missed out yet. BTCPrinter is a revolutionary new token that has already skyrocketed 50x in the first 2 weeks. With a small market cap and a strong community there’s lots of room to grow, another 50x or more wouldn’t be surprising. I bet you’re wondering why this new coin is so hot right now. Well let me tell you. 

When you buy BTCPrinter tokens, you essentially buy a money printer that constantly prints you free bitcoin. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? I don’t blame you. Let me explain how it works. When you invest in BTCPrinter, there is a 16% fee on each trade: 6.25% of that goes to liquidity, 62.5% of that goes to buy the Wrapped Bitcoin and distribute it to its holders, 16.25% of it is used for burning and buybacks, and 15% for marketing. The actual price of BTCPrinter is in a way insignificant to the amount of time you hold onto the coin because you’re still getting paid for every transaction made. Essentially you’re getting paid from the trading volume of the token the same way that an exchange does. You are free to let people speculate on the price and trade while you kick back and collect insane amounts of Bitcoin rewards. 

With BTCPrinter you are essentially buying into a network hoping that –

1. Bitcoin is going to stay around for the long term. This is important because your rewards are paid out in bitcoin. 

2. You are making an investment that people will continue to want to buy, sell, trade and speculate on the price of BTCPrinter. The more trading volume the more rewards. 

Why do I think BTCPrinter is a great investment? It’s hard to trade Bitcoin. Only a few people can sell the tops and buy the bottom. In fact most people do the opposite and lose money. So, who wouldn’t want a product that they can buy one time, then forget about it forever, and let it constantly accumulate bitcoin for them at every price level? I think the current price action of BTCPrinter being up 50x in the first 2 weeks certainly shows that many people have the same opinion as me. 

If you want to check out this token and learn more, I have included the links below:

Link to buy: https://traderjoexyz.com/trade?outputCurrency=0x9c2adabbf6e6947aeef4ce0532754827d8774d4d#/

Website: https://www.btcprinter.net/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BTCPrinterAvax

Price Chart: https://dexscreener.com/avalanche/0xaa907a2b6fcfd57fcebd5e1573d372c7aefbdc9d

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