Why AVRillo and Mio Partnership Is Great for Property Buyers and Sellers

Mio and AVRillo have partnered together to implement the Mio application programming interface for smarter and more productive property conveyancing, reducing the number of disruptions.

The objective of this partnership is to revolutionize the way sales progression is managed by estate agents. It helps in providing one chain view for everyone to work from. Moreover, it allows third data partners to share updates that inform the chain which helps create greater transparency and improved transactional efficiency. These third data partners include conveyancers, panel managers, CMS providers, surveyors, lenders, and mortgage brokers.

Let’s understand the advantages of this partnership to sellers and buyers. But before that let’s learn a little more about AVRillo and Mio.

About AVRillo Conveyancing

AVRillo is one of the top conveyancing solicitors in London that is regulated by CLC and awarded the best conveyancing supplier to the industry by former estate agents.

Any property transaction involves various legal processes and steps whether the requirement is to transition from a tenant to a first-time owner, buy and sell a house in a chain, or remortgage. Therefore, AVRillo oversees such legal requirements to ensure that everything processes to completion in a smooth manner.

It is innovative and makes your move to the property as smooth as possible by providing first-class customer service.

You can take the help of AVRillo conveyancing solicitors in Enfield, Bournemouth, Cambridge, Coventry, and Daventry and other top areas in the UK.

About Mio

Mio, an award-winning app, is a sales progression software. It started in 2019 and is owned and operated by one of the UK’s leading providers of Property Searches and property data specialists, tmgroup.

It provides estate agents with a way to speed up the residential property transaction and make effective sales progression simple.

Mio provides a smarter way to manage the home buying process by providing a single view of the entire chain for agents and consumers. This way, it helps in improving communication between all parties.

Mio provides you with 24/7 updates on your home move straight to your phone. Thus, it helps your agent to keep you up to date on progress.

What are the Advantages to Sellers and Buyers?

All the parties, such as agents, brokers, buyers, and sellers, are involved in transferring the property, making communication across the chain very important. This problem is solved by the partnership of AVRillo and Mio.

Here are the advantages to sellers and buyers:

● Estate agents can receive real-time updates directly from AVRillo’s system straight into the Mio chain, making automated sales progression.

● AVRillo can continue to push deals through faster without having to manually update third-party systems, improving the home moving process for everyone involved.

● The seller and buyer will get real-time updates through the Mio app.

● Mio’s API is simple to implement and provides a chain view, making a more collaborative, integrated, and forward-thinking property market for buyers and sellers.

● Automated updates from the conveyancers reduce chasing and allow you to stay updated about what is happening with every sale.

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