What’s the Scoop on African Black Soap?

“The product changed my skin almost immediately! I’m gutted I didn’t discover it sooner. I have dry acne prone skin and it’s cleared my acne like nothing I’ve ever used before,” says a user.

Soft, Certified Organic and made with a mission to offer perfection in quality, the African Black Soap is now available from Mary Tylor Naturals, the online site for cosmetic and rejuvenation products for the skin.

African Black Soap from Africa is an amazing product made out of nature and is used by many people. It’s made up of all-natural ingredients and plants originating in West Africa, hence the name. The speciality about these plants is that they give the soap its black colour, and traditional ingredients such as palm kernel oil and the filtrate of burnt cocoa pod ash or roasted plantain skin ash. Other ingredients like aloe vera, honey, shea butter, lime or camwood are also included to make this soap an amazing treat for bathing and cleaning.

The uniqueness of the traditional recipes is that they are free from dyes fragrances, andother additives that take away from the purity. It’s safe for people who have sensitive skin and the ones who are allergic to certain additives. 

Study reveals African Black Soap is more effective at removing and reducing certain bacteria than medicated soaps. African Black Soap is to help treat acne too. A survey has been doneon the users of African black soap and 23% use the soap for acne treatment. African blacksoap helps to fight acne. Morden soaps leave behind a residue after washing, but Africanblack soap comes off easily when rinsed with water, leaving the skin feeling clean and not sticky.

The soap also prevents the spread of fungal infections. The oil and fats that are present inthe soap help relax a person’s skin. African Black Soap helps to improve the skin within. Thesoap is rich in vitamins A and E. It’s known that vitamin E helps to reduce UV damage to the skin. Overall, the African black soap is a good choice for all skin type. 

Founded in 2014, Mary Tylor Naturals was borne out of the struggles of its founder todiscover a treatment against cancer that his friend suffered from. He wished to discover a natural organic method to care for skin. After searching around the world, he came all the way from the Dominican Republic to Africa and found what he was looking for. The company since then preserves the same mission to use these pure and natural ingredients for developing skin products that are unique in the market.

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Mary Tylor Naturals are all natural, certified organic, high-quality essential oils, health andskin care products. Only top quality is top health for our family here at Mary Tylor Naturals. Bringing you the best handmade, natural and certified organic healthy ingredients is ourmission.

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