“I hope this email finds you and your family safe and well…”  That’s how work emails start these days, and she was afraid to reply with the truth: “To be honest I’m hanging in there by a thread trying to juggle my day-job (which I’m lucky to have), home-schooling three kids under seven years, and supporting my elderly mother who has been sensibly cocooning since March”. 

She was utterly exhausted made worse by living under the guillotine of job losses. She worried that at any moment her husband’s business could go under or indeed she could lose her job or her hours could be cut back.

But things are never as bad as they seem at three in the morning and this is what she told herself as she slipped into what seemed to be a lunatic’s dream sequence. It struck her what and what she needed was a passive income, preferably something that would make her money while she sleeps, or didn’t sleep, as was the case, Or a winning lottery ticket.

At dawn, she got up and began to hike the mountain behind her house. Nature has always been my reset but for the last 10 years She had a job which involved a 4 hour round trip to work (this was balanced out by the fact that she loved this job), and she also had three small demanding kids (also balanced out by the fact that she loved them), however, there wasn’t much time for hiking.

On this morning she left the house and began to hike the mountain behind her house, a mountain that she hadn’t set foot on since she was a kid. It was harder to ascend than she remembered but the struggle upwards was a welcomed distraction from the thoughts in her head.  By the time she reached the top something happened that would probably never have happened if she hadn’t given herself this headspace to shut off her thinking because that’s what happens when they do a hard hike (especially when they’re unfit).  They have to concentrate carefully on picking each step so they don’t slip or fall; there’s no space for other thoughts as they concentrate on safely putting one foot in front of the other.

As she took a deep inhale at the top of the mountain she realised two things:

She’d no phone signal so no one could get her, or ask her to do anything, or make any demands on her, this was bliss (as long as she could get down the mountain).

And secondly, it struck her that the solution to her problem had been right in front of her all along but she’d been too frantic and freaked out to see it.

For the last two years, she’d been carrying out academic research on the exceptional 10% of employees and entrepreneurs.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, 90% of employees are less productive and more stressed than ever before in history. However, 10% of employees are exceptionally productive and mentally resilient to stress.

A decade of independent academic & clinical research in the area of high performance (specifically looking at the exceptional 10% across different industries, cultures, demographics) revealed that the exceptional 10% have a certain way of working which challenges our deep-rooted social and personal work norms.

For example, the exceptional 10% do not work long hours, they never work late or at weekends.

My meta-analysis of these studies focused on one specific question: What exactly are the exceptional 10% doing differently to outperform everyone else?

It was clear that exceptional has a pattern which is fully replicable.

So she used this pattern to create the framework – a step-by-step course, so anyone can learn and replicate the strategies, skills, and approaches of the exceptional 10% and increase their productivity so they too can outperform everyone else.

The framework is summarised with the acronym B.R.A.I.N. R.E.S.T™ (An appropriate acronym since taking effective breaks were the number one thing that the exceptional 10% did differently to everyone else, but most of them, 90% to be exact, take ineffective work breaks – like grabbing a coffee and giving out about colleagues or work projects).

She had been doing all this research, which lay on her laptop, of no use to anyone else as she hadn’t finished it or published it, but she did have a framework and now she could be the first one to see if it truly was replicable.

She used the B.R.A.I.N. R.E.S.T™ framework to launch an online business, and even though she’d no business background, no tech know-how, no investment money, and perhaps scariest of all – no childcare – she launched in six weeks and made a profit of €20,000 in the first month.

By using the B.R.A.I.N. R.E.S.T™ framework she became highly productive without experiencing the usual level of burnout associated with launching a new business. In fact, she never worked more than 4 hours a day. Today she teaches the B.R.A.I.N. R.E.S.T™ framework to multinationals and those in leadership positions close to burnout. 

It’s quick and easy to learn. Go to for a free trial.

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