DEGE SPC flooring can meet different people’s demands in space design because of its various patterns. We develop many new type of product that combines the advantages of SPC flooring and the beauty of other floorings.Next, let me walk into the DEGE showroom hall and learn about the various designs and colors of the floor.

Wood series

The wood grain series is divided into light embossed, deep embossed, real wood surface, crystal surface and hand scraped. SPC flooring wood surface inheriting the classic beauty of real wood. Wood grain is a variety of natural and beautiful patterns that are naturally formed, giving people a sense of movement, and humans have a natural intimacy to them, which makes people get a kind, peaceful and quiet feeling when they see wood grain patterns. comfortability. Wood grain patterns are used for interior decoration, and they are enduring for a long time.


Stone series

The wood grain series is divided into marble surface and leather surface. The stone series, clear and natural texture, and elegant taste make the flat and boring space fresh. In the decoration and layout, the overall coordination of space and furniture is reflected to a large extent. The simple and elegant style makes people feel comfortable, feel tranquil and comfortable, and find tranquility in the chaotic real life.

Carpet series

The carpet series literally means the carpet surface. Carpet pattern makes good use of the smooth lines and changing texture of the carpet pattern to form a dynamic feeling. In different areas, different angles and light, the illusion of the times is changing rapidly. His works stimulate people’s imagination from the details of the carpet style and improve the creativity of work.

Wood series and stone series are two popular choices. It has a natural wood texture and grains of hardwood flooring as well as the advantages of SPC flooring such as waterproof, impact resistance, anti-slip, wear resistance, etc. SPC flooring with ceramic patterns enriches the choice of customers and designers.

With the development of digital printing technology, the patterns of DEGE SPC flooring can be unique and personalized. Besides, it can be applied to producing the wall planks. DEGE SPC flooring is sure to imitate various textures in the future with the continuous improvement of printing technology.

In the future, as people’s understanding of SPC flooring becomes clearer and deeper, more people will choose it to decorate the space, and SPC flooring will redefine the term “flooring”.

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