As a Seed Cleaner and Grader Manufacturer, share with you.The grain cleaning machine is used to remove leaves, chaff, dust, and deflated grains from the grain. Its organic impurity removal rate reaches 90% and inorganic impurity removal rate reaches 92%. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, compact structure, convenient movement, obvious dust and impurity removal efficiency, low energy consumption, easy and reliable use, and the screen can be customized according to users Arbitrary exchange is required, suitable for different material varieties. It is the first cleaning equipment for all grain management departments, grain and oil processing units and grain storage services in the country. The cyclone grain cleaning sieve is a multi-functional grain purification equipment. The cyclone grain cleaning sieve is used to remove leaves, husks, dust, and deflated grains in the grain.

Operation process of grain cleaning machine

Pour the screening material from the feed inlet → enter the air duct part, the main power of the air duct is also driven by the motor, and its function is to extract lighter impurities, such as dust, bran, and other debris in the grain → then It is the transportation part. When feeding, the grain will follow the air duct to the lower part to sweep the lighter debris. After being pumped, it will need to return to the upper part for screening. The chassis contains transportation parts, and the grain is removed by air extraction. In the future, some of the transported parts will be transported to a layer of sieve for primary screening → one layer of sieving, with a relatively large mesh, as a large impurity sieving, such as corn cobs, soybean flakes, peanut skins and so on.

Large impurities will remain in the first layer of screen. Through the oscillating motor, the debris will be vibrated to the debris outlet, and the materials that need to be screened will leak into the basic screen, proceed to the next layer of screen→second layer of screen The mesh is relatively small, that is, to remove small impurities from the grain machine. The mesh of the screen is larger than the material that needs to be screened. The material cannot leak, and will be sent to the throwing part → throwing part with the power of the oscillation motor The power and effect have already been discussed above. The height of the throwing is about 3 meters, and the throwing distance is 8-12 tons. After the throwing, the bag can be filled manually, stored in the warehouse, or loaded with a conveyor.Our company also has Seed Processing Machine on sale, welcome to contact us.

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