What is Radio Frequency (RF)? Introducing the mechanism and effects! Get thin and beautiful skin!

Radio waves are a technology used for beautiful skin and slimming, and many effects can be obtained by using them.

Since it warms the skin from the inside, it can be expected to activate metabolism and improve swelling.

At the same time, it improves blood circulation, so the turnover of skin that tends to be disturbed with aging is adjusted, and you will always have youthful and beautiful skin.

In this article, I will introduce the basic knowledge, effects and precautions of radio waves. If you are interested in radio waves, please refer to it.Radio waves are also known as RF, and the English notation is Radio Frequency.

As the name implies, electromagnetic waves with the same frequency of 28 to 300 MHz as the radio used for wireless communication are used.


How Radio Frequency (RF) WorksWhen the radio wave hits the skin, it vibrates the subcutaneous cells behind the fat. It softens the fat hardened by vibration and activates metabolism.

Since the inside of the skin is warmed, it is good for beauty and slimming and has various effects.

The effect of radio frequency (RF)This section describes the effects obtained by the effects of radio waves.

The effect of radio waves is characterized by being able to approach both beautiful skin and slimming.

Slimming effectFat that is hardened by lack of exercise or cold lowers not only body temperature but also basal metabolism.

By warming and softening fat with radio waves, the body warms up and improves metabolism, and you can get a body that is easy to lose weight and hard to gain weight.

At the same time, swelling caused by lifestyle-related disorders can be improved.

Beautiful skin effectWarming the skin from the inside makes it easier for ingredients such as lotion and serum to penetrate. Therefore, you will be able to enhance the effectiveness of the skin care products you normally use.

Radio waves can also stimulate collagen production and increase collagen.

The increase in collagen rejuvenates the skin and makes it elastic and youthful.

Heat shock effectHeat shock refers to promoting self-healing power through heat stress.

Radio waves raise the body temperature and give moderate stress to the skin to improve self-healing power and improve spots, wrinkles, dullness, and sagging.

The effect of such heat shock is utilized not only in aging care but also in the medical field as heat shock protein 

Blood circulation promotionWarming the skin from the inside with radio waves promotes blood circulation and improves blood circulation. Your skin will be toned up and brightened as waste products are less likely to accumulate.

The turnover of the skin is also adjusted, so you can get a healthy impression of the skin.

Radio frequency (RF) is recommended for such people

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