Weisman Worldwide and Magnetic3D Join Efforts to Accelerate Holographic 3D-Visualization Deployments With New “Glasses-Free 3D” Technology

3D without glasses now offered by Weisman Worldwide for Aerospace, Defense, and Enterprise Displays

Weisman Worldwide Entertainment selects Magnetic 3D to expand and accelerate the adoption of holographic devices utilizing M3D’s Enterprise Platform for Glasses-free 3D Extended & Augmented Reality (XR/AR) Applications

The companies are working together to offer and deploy unique 3D visualization solutions for Command and Control (C2) environments that range in size from 28” to 275” while providing support for advanced mixed reality without the need for 3D glasses or a VR headset.

“Use cases for our Glasses-Free 3D technology in defense cover a wide gamut,” said Tom Zerega, Founder & CEO of Magnetic 3D. “They include situational awareness, asset management and logistics, mission planning, training, maintenance, simulation, geospatial, 3D scanning, design and engineering, satellite imaging, remote operated vehicles and even telemedicine via robotics. The frictionless 3D visualization capabilities of science fiction are here and available today”.

While the initial focus range of the companies are primarily aerospace and defense applications, the team is also exploring enterprise remote collaboration, communication, NFT’s and smart city solutions with the latest 3D Display technology.

“Magnetic 3D was an obvious choice as the world is rapidly advancing beyond the need for glasses or a headset to visualize 3D content,” said Cory Weisman, CEO of Weisman Worldwide Entertainment. “They offer different flavors of Glasses-Free 3D technology including single-user desktop products with eye tracking that provide an alternative to Virtual Reality – and they have 3D quality that far exceeds a 3D movie experience with glasses. Magnetic 3D also offers the best large format displays for Glasses-Free 3D in the world. With sizes up to 100” supporting multiple users and 3D Video Walls that scale to 275” there’s nothing else in 3D that really compares. There are many instances that their unique products can be utilized as well in an integrated component for our custom solutions for our elite clientele.”

Weisman Worldwide is globally known in the 3D Visualization industry for such products as Hologram Tables, Walls, and Rooms, Live Event and Content Production for AR/VR/CGI and other immersive branded content. “We are excited to be working with Magnetic 3D and their visionary team that seeks to bring Glasses-Free 3D to the masses. We’re teaming up to add their 3D display solutions to our growing arsenal of leading immersive technologies from around the globe and providing our clients with solutions that eliminate any 3D glasses, with game-changing, pre-rendered and real-time 3D capabilities right now.”

Magnetic 3D technology has been deployed in the market worldwide with leading hospitality brands casinos, theme parks, entertainment venues, and retail locations delivering unparalleled customer engagement. The Company’s offerings are also disrupting medical, geospatial, remote viewing and 3D post-production where depth perception is required. Recent Case Studies and videos are available at https://www.magnetic3d.com/m3d-portfolio/ and the Coachella-inspired 3D Elevator Experience at Hard Rock’s Guitar Hotel can be found here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAguTwkg7yI

“Weisman Worldwide Entertainment is a perfect sales partner that shares our vision of removing friction between the user and their 3D experience. Like us, they aim to evolve the process of visualizing 3D data and content for their customers,” said Tom Zerega. “No one really prefers to wear glasses or headgear to see in 3D – that much is obvious. It’s a barrier to entry and slows adoption – the good news is that we have great innovative 3D products that solve this problem, and we look forward to working with Mr.Weisman and his team to implement our innovative platform in numerous sectors of industry, both public and private.”


Founded in 2000 and currently headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA., Weisman Worldwide https://www.weismanworldwide.com was the first “New Media Agency” in Hollywood. The firm was originally established as a conduit between Silicon Valley’s High-Tech firms and Hollywood’s traditional production and distribution platforms. Current and past clients include DreamWorks Animation, Pixar, The Walt Disney Company, Arht Media, The Cartoon Network, Microsoft, The Webby Awards, Holosuit, EBay, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Technologies, Euclideon International, Ecocapsule, MDH Hologram,Microsoft, and Solar Outdoor Media to name a few. Weisman Worldwide currently serves the Global Leading marketplace in Holographic and other 3D Visualization Technologies. The firm currently employs close to 20 people in the greater Los Angeles, Chicago, and Orlando areas. They have won numerous industry awards for their bespoke Hologram Solutions and Cross-Platform Content Creation.

For more information about Weisman Worldwide visit: www.weismanworldwide.com


Headquartered in New York City, Magnetic 3D (http://www.magnetic3d.com) enables greater access to the world’s 3D content and the metaverse with an industry-leading, end-to-end product line of Glasses free 3D (autostereoscopic) solutions ranging from Desktop 28” monitors to 100” 3D Displays in Landscape and Portrait format, as well as 3D Video Walls. The Company’s proprietary platform of modified LCD displays features a precision engineered, optically bonded 3D lens and custom electronics which enable 3D video capabilities without the need for 3D Glasses or VR/AR Headgear. The visual experience provides audiences with captivating off-screen “pop”, akin to holographic 3D effects depicted in science fiction films, and the immersive perception of depth on what would otherwise be a flat display. Magnetic 3D provides the highest-quality glasses-free 3D visual experience for B2B applications across verticals such as retail, digital signage, gaming, digital out of home advertising, Pro AV, Smart City, IOT, hospitality, movie theaters, casinos, hotels, and entertainment venues. Magnetic 3D also provides 3D visualization solutions and consulting services for aerospace, medical, defense and immersive artwork where depth perception is required.

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