Warren Buffett and Larry Hales Have Billion Dollar Connections in China Through Electric Vehicle Companies

“Larry Hales was instrumental in helping Wanxiang secure the purchase of A123 Systems on January 28, 2013, for $256.6 million and the creation of A123 Systems,” says the spokesperson for Hales Global
Larry Hales plays a critical role in getting the Chinese company Wanxiang to purchase A123 Systems.

Larry Hales leverages his expertise and connections to help Wanxiang purchase A123 Systems, LLC for $153 million. Wanxiang is based in Chicago and is the largest Chinese company in the world.

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“Larry Hales was instrumental in helping Wanxiang secure the purchase of A123 Systems on January 28, 2013, for $256.6 million and the creation of A123 Systems,” says the spokesperson for Hales Global Group LLC. “Larry Hales worked his magic through congress and the FTC to make the purchase of the largest R&D research facility in America. This move has given tremendous momentum to the growth of the lithium-ion batteries used in the US electric vehicles industry.”

Many industry experts compare this ground-breaking business development to the BYD Wanxiang business connection. China’s electric-vehicle BYD is being backed by Warren Buffett.

With the support and guidance of Larry Hales, Wanxiang secured the opportunity to qualify as a Chinese company to buy A123, an American R&D battery company. A123 Systems was behind the nano phosphate technology developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This is undoubtedly a huge business development and a major feather in the cap of Larry Hales, who has many similar achievements to his credit.

Just like Buffett is the force behind the giant energy Chinese firm BYD, Larry Hales is the force behind the decision of Wanxiang to purchase A123 Systems.

The US government is looking to revamp the US electric vehicle industry with the aim to boost sales of electric vehicles. The installation of more electric charging stations is vital for achieving this goal. It is clear that the battery industry will achieve exponential growth in the coming months. The visionary Larry Hales envisaged this decades ago. And that’s why he is seen as being in the same league as Warren Buffett when it comes to making business decisions.

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