A creative way to deliver adverts across a targeted audience at any time and anywhere

Walker Billboard is changing the game in outdoor advertising with its exceptional and innovative marketing tool, Walking Billboards. The Walking Billboard is an all-in-one solution tool, which includes advertising, marketing, and promotion, that delivers adverts across any audience at any time. This tool promises top results and business owners can rest assured of its efficiency.

Since its inception, Walker Billboard has been concerned with producing backpack billboards that are lightweight, durable, affordable, and aesthetically designed with internal LED lights to facilitate day and night advertising. In addition to its Standard Billboard, the company has included the Scrolling Billboard and Video Billboard to enrich its unique product backlog. With the Walker Billboard, marketers can take their adverts to their target audience with ease and a great level of confidence.

The Walking Billboard unit is designed with high-quality lightweight aluminum that makes it very easy to wear for an extended period. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that supplies up to 8-hours of power to the internal LED lights, Multiple Ads Templates that support graphics, scrolling texts, videos, and more exciting features that can grab and keep attention.

As a Human Billboard Advertising Company, Walker Billboard raises the standard of advertising campaigns with top-notch mobile advertising that positions adverts at the top of the target audience’s mental ladders. With the eye-catching, creative walking billboard, advertisers can leave their audience awe-stricken, prompting them to make quick buying decisions.

“Walker Billboard delivers highly-impact mobile advertising campaigns that reach out to audiences in an eye-catching, creative, and environmentally friendly fashion. Our billboards allow advertisers to reach high volume, targeted audiences in a manner that other traditional forms of media can only dream of!” said the company’s spokesperson.

The Walker Billboard has been regarded as the one-stop solution to Advertising needs by various prominent organizations. “A simple, effective tool that allows us to grow my brand. We searched for a while for simple tools that allow us to promote and engage with local shoppers; we finally found it! Glad to purchase Walker Billboards for my team,” said Rita Brown, VP Marketing at Bowl.

“Walker Billboard is just amazing. We have been using Walker Billboard for years, and it is an absolutely amazing LED signboard to promote your products outdoor. Moreover, the Stand-alone functionality is helpful for stationary promotion,” said Dennis Truman, Marketing and Sales Director at Walmart.

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