Waju Nations Explores #1 the Psychological Trigger That Leads Good Women to Cheat in Relationships

Author and relationship expert, Waju Nations is the founder of The Man Society, and he has just released a new book titled “Why Women Bang Their Therapists,” the tiny, “good-guy mistake” that triggers even the most loyal woman to start thinking of cheating or leaving. 

Waju Nations of The Man Society brims with passion for equipping good men with the skills necessary to become irreplaceable and desirable in relationships with the recent release of Why Women Bang Their Therapists (And Men Marry Their Secretaries): Evolutionary Insight Into The Breakdown Of Relationships In The Modern Age.

“This book is not a red-pill idea. It is for men who value the idea of family and hate to see the impact of broken homes on society. It is for men who want to build families and keep them together, so that they don’t release broken children into society.” – Waju Nations.

The launch of the book is particularly timely as it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain healthy relationships. 

Recent stats have revealed that 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second, and 73% of third marriages in the United States end in divorce. It is even more worrisome as good guys seem to be the victims of broken relationships, as they often get cheated on the most and treated as trash. 

However, Waju Nations seeks to help willing men change this narrative with the launch of a new short and concise relationship guide to explore the nice guy mistakes men make that consequently bring out the worst in their partners.

Why Women Bang Their Therapists is riveting and unique as unlike other resources that offer a one-sided perspective. It takes an all-inclusive approach to building rewarding relationships. 

Waju Nations aims to inspire readers on how to gain and sustain the kind of respect, adoration and devotion that makes their dream woman stay, and help in building a legacy everyone can be proud of.

The book offers a no-holds-barred approach, unraveling seemingly hidden facts about relationships that no one ever shares, with the author personifying the process by leveraging his experience in two marriages.

“Why Women Bang Their Therapists” will be an amazing read for men that value their relationship while also serving as a savior for the world, helping to reduce the incident of failed marriages and the increasing cases of morally delinquent children.

Why Women Bang Their Therapists (And Men Marry Their Secretaries): Evolutionary Insight Into The Breakdown Of Relationships In The Modern Age is currently available on Amazon for interested readers across the globe.

For further information about Why Women Bang Their Therapists and other works from Waju Nations, visit – www.TheManSociety.org.

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