Votico Finance Announces the Launch of the $VOT Token Based on Decentralizing Venture Funding. 07 Marsh 2022

Blockchain is a revolutionizing technology that is transforming numerous industries. Due to its decentralizing and enhanced security capabilities, the technology is utilizable in the finance sector. Votico Finance incorporates the beneficial blockchain features to develop a decentralized Venture Funding Capital backed by the $VOT token. The $VOT token will provide investors with lucrative investment opportunities currently unavailable in traditional venture funding.

Normally, the Venture Funding (VF) capital offers medium and long-term investments to private companies in their early stages of development. These investments include management, finance, and marketingexpertise in exchange for a portion of shares from the company. Due to the VF involvement in the operation of a company, the founders surrender some of their roles to the Venture Fund for a given period, mainly 2 to 5 years. After this period, the VF exits their investment during the initial public offering through reselling their shares thus, putting the entire company at risk of its growth.


In addition, the traditional Venture Funding approach also limits numerous investors from investing. The investment model is only suitable for institutional investors due to their financial stability and knowledge thus, enabling them to invest at an early stage of development.

To eliminate the challenges faced by investors and founders during early-stage development, Votico Finance has developed a crowdfunding blockchain-based investment model. The venture allows founders to retain control of their startup while accessing a comprehensive service from investors essential for the company’s thriving.

The $VOT token will enable its holders to earn benefits in two ways, mainly indirect and direct exposure on investments. The indirect exposure on investments entails the buy-back of $VOT tokens from the open market to fuel their price. Buying back the tokens will reduce the initial supply of $VOT tokens in the market hence improving their price.

Votico Finance direct exposure entails allowing all investors to invest in the most lucrative projects early. The token holders will access Votico’s shared allocation program depending on the tier they belong to. An investor’s tier will depend on the number of $VOT tokens they own.

Apart from the benefits earned, Votico Finance gives investors the ability to determine the future of the funding capital. Through decentralized governance and continual investment research, $VOT token holders will be able to make future decisions concerning the fund’s success.

For complete information, please visit: https://app.votico.finance/whitepaper.pdf.

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