Hylux, the vitamin-enhanced water brand, celebrates its successful launch into the Barbados market, in partnership with ARI Barbados, marking a significant milestone in their mission to offer healthier beverage choices to consumers worldwide.

Hylux, the vitamin-enhanced water brand, proudly announces its successful launch into the vibrant market of Barbados, in partnership with ARI Barbados and CITRA Inc. The entry into the country marks a significant milestone in the company’s mission to provide healthier beverage choices to consumers worldwide.

“We are elated to be involved in the development of the Hylux brand within our region,” said Kari Scantlebury, representative from ARI Barbados. “The addition of Hylux at Caribbean ARI Inc. is testimony to our commitment to deliver a range of quality products to our valuable customers.”

Hylux, founded in 2016 by student-athlete Lamar Letts, was born out of the need for a sports drink that was not only healthier but also free from excessive sugar. With all-natural ingredients and an array of vitamins, Hylux is a vitamin-filled and nutritionally enhanced water suitable for everyone’s hydration needs.

As a health beverage company, Hylux knows that even simple changes to one’s diet can deliver life-changing results. The company takes pride in being a Black-founded company backed by diverse investors, all committed to promoting health and well-being through their innovative products.

The journey of Hylux began in Letts’ Northeastern University dorm room in 2014 after an injury ended his sports career, causing him to reevaluate his food and beverage choices. Still wanting to make an impact in the athletic world, soon after, he collaborated with a food scientist to produce a non-sugary and athlete-friendly drink. The success of a crowdfunding campaign helped to bring Hylux to life, followed by a distribution contract with a major beverage distributor and subsequent fundraising from private investors.

Today, Hylux stands tall with 80 calories per bottle and boasts unique health benefits, including four different electrolytes, B-Complex vitamins, 100% of the daily value of Vitamin C, and more potassium than a banana. This low-calorie beverage rapidly hydrates with the nutrition of a sports drink while offering the health advantages of water – all with less sugar than its competitors.

Hylux is rapidly gaining prominence in athletic and sports circles, with strong support from numerous former notable NBA athletes who endorse the brand. The product is available for purchase on,, and various grocers in the northeast, with plans to expand to other national retailers soon.

The foray into Barbados is just one of many exciting steps to come. As Bart Collins, Hylux’s distributor, explained, the company is “bringing new, innovative, and high-quality USA home-grown products to consumers around the world, and in this case, with an emphasis on health and well-being.” Hylux is proud to be a part of making a difference in the health and hydration of athletes and consumers everywhere.

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Hylux is a vitamin-enhanced water brand founded by student athlete Lamar Letts in 2016. The company is dedicated to providing healthier beverage choices and promoting well-being through its all-natural, low-sugar, low-calorie products. Hylux is a Black-founded company backed by diverse investors and has quickly gained popularity within athletic circles and across the globe.

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