Vitaly Kirkpatrick Donates Proceeds of His Autobiography to Help People in Ukraine

Author and tech entrepreneur, Vitaly Kirkpatrick, announces the launch of a fundraising campaign to help victims of the war in Ukraine as he donates proceeds of the sale of “VITALY – The Misadventures of a Ukrainian Orphan” to families and friends in the country

Vitaly Kirkpatrick is popularly known as the Wireless Audio Transmission Patent Inventor and founder of CloviTek, Inc., a wireless audio technology company that builds the world’s smartest WiFi audio transmitter. However, the Ukrainian entrepreneur is sharing his rollercoaster journey to success with the world and recently launched a Ukraine aid campaign to help victims of the war as he donates proceeds of the sale of his book “VITALY – The Misadventures of a Ukrainian Orphan” to help friends and families in the country.

“I grew up without a loving and caring family in a Ukrainian orphanage for 12 years under Soviet rule. I know the challenges that families face there. I once was the one who needed help the most, especially during my teen and adult years in Ukraine. This war has added a burden on the lives of the citizens of Ukraine. Recent events in Ukraine left me with no choice but to ask for help, not for myself, but families and friends in Ukraine,” said Vitaly Kirkpatrick.

The Ukraine war continues to stir up conversations, as it ravages the once peaceful and beautiful nation, leading to damages of properties as well as the death and displacement of millions of people. Several initiatives have been launched in the past days to help victims of the war and Vitaly Kirkpatrick is looking to get more people to contribute to the cause by launching a fundraiser on

In addition to the launch of the Ukraine campaign, Vitaly Kirkpatrick also announced that proceeds from his autobiography, titled VITALY – The Misadventures of a Ukrainian Orphan, will be donated as Ukraine aid for people in the country. The project is personal to Vitaly, being a Ukrainian orphan and having a first-hand experience of what it means to be almost helpless amidst uncertainties. The book is a personal history of Vitaly and his struggle to find a family, growing up in Communist and then post-Communist Independent Ukraine.

VITALY – The Misadventures of a Ukrainian Orphan has been enjoying rave reviews since it was published. “I enjoyed reading some funny and some sad stories about Vitaly. His stories are a good example of endurance and perseverance. I don’t know the difficult circumstances in other countries faced until I read the book. The book is a true eye-opener!” said Kimball K., Property Manager.

For further information about the Ukraine aid and how to support the cause, visit – The campaign also continues across social media, including YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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