Vintage Muscle is the innovative supplement company owned by Jared Van Yperen, boasting over 2925 positive reviews from customers globally for their muscle-building stacks. 

Vintage Muscle stacks are growing in popularity as more and more satisfied customers take to the brand website and on social media to share their unique success stories. 

Stacks by Vintage Muscle are especially popular among aging men as it helps them naturally boost their testosterone levels and live a happier, more fulfilling life. 

According to the owner of Vintage Muscle, Jared Van Yperen, fitness and a positive lifestyle seeps into all aspects of life, and that seems to be the sentiment among many of the customers who use Vintage Muscle religiously as part of their workout regimen. 

According to Van Yperen, it’s important to support the efficacy of fitness supplements with data and facts. Aside from positive reviews by the customers of Vintage Muscle, years of quantitative research have gone into developing the Vintage Muscle products and brand. 

We interviewed Van Yperen and asked him about the ingredients of Vintage Muscle stacks listed on their website. Among the most popular are: Alpha Test Stack, Anabolic Shred Stack, RAD-Mass Stack, Muscle Support Stack, 19Nor Stack, 1-Androl Stack, GH-Soma Stack. 

Van Yperen says, “In the Alpha Test stack, we have an ingredient called EPI-Andro that’s a precursor to dehydroepiandrosterone. That hormone is responsible for masculinity. It’s what grows your beard, helps your fast-twitch muscles, and adds to your libido.” 

Van Yperen says that the Alpha Test stack has helped people who are looking to increase their energy. Clients who choose that stack are often looking to get the energy they had back when they were younger. 

“I’ve heard it referred to as liquid ambition,” says Van Yperen. 

“When people begin using this product, they realize how it begins affecting all parts of their life, and they can’t go without it at that point.” 

While reviews about Vintage Muscle have been overwhelmingly positive and the company has grown at a rapid pace in a short period of time, Van Yperen says he plans to move forward with a customer-centric approach, building on what the company has already started. 

To Van Yperen, being customer-centric isn’t just about providing great customer service and quick response times to inquiries. It’s about actively finding new ways to solve problems that customers face in their daily lives. In short, customer-centricity is about innovation and bringing value to the marketplace. 

“We’re going to slowly start breaking into different parts of the supplement industry,” says Van Yperen.

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He says the goal of Vintage Muscle is to help people across the globe achieve their personal fitness goals without having to deal with the typical obstacles that gym-goers face, especially as they get older. 

“Our goal is to help customers achieve their goals, and it’s also about helping them transform different parts of their lives.” 

To learn more about Vintage Muscle, you can visit the Vintage Muscle Official website.

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