Vinanuts by Kimmy Farm Touted as the Tastiest Nuts on the Planet

The Vietnamese based farm specialises in providing the best salted roasted cashews, butter roasted cashews, roasted salted silk shell cashews, white kernels cashews, and broken cashews, sourced from the best parent trees

Vinanuts by Kimmy Farm is being touted as the tastiest cashew nuts on the planet.Β 

The delicious nuts are a product of the Vietnamese based farm, which specialises in sourcing the best cashew fruits from the healthiest parent trees. And operates a processing system that ensures nuts are processed and prepared for sale cleanly and affordably.

According to Kimmy Farm, nothing is more important than maintaining the integrity and quality of its products. As such the company keenly oversees every aspect of the cashew processing from steaming, splitting, shelling and kernel separation to kernel classification.

β€œWe’re deeply committed to providing customers with clean, best quality cashew products at the most reasonable prices. Our core goal is to raise the value of Vietnam’s cashew nuts, and we achieve this by ensuring that only the highest grade of nuts make it into its packaging.”

In addition to selling premium cashew nuts in wholesale and retail quantities, Kimmy Farm has announced that individuals and businesses seeking to start their own cashew nut business, can purchase processed nuts from its farm and repackage them under their own brands and labels.

With its wealth of experience in cashew nut processing, the company has structured the lead time of its OEM/ODM cashew nut processing contract for individual product and customer requirements.Β 

Kimmy Farm assures all prospective customers seeking to develop new products under its OEM/ODM cashew nut processing contract that all its nuts are processed in line with global standards for raw and processed foods.

From salted roasted cashew nuts to butter-roasted cashews, roasted salted silk shell cashews, white kernels cashews, and broken cashews, Kimmy Farm proudly sits on top of the list as the most trusted provider of tasty and healthy cashew nuts in the world.

Anyone seeking more information regarding the brand can simply reach out to Kimmy Farm via the contact info below.

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