VIETDAI Launches Biodegradable Poop Bags for Pets

315 extra thick and strong dog poop bags
VIETDAI releases biodegradable poop bags. It helps pet owners to manage litter properly without disturbing the environment.

VIETDAI, a company that produces eco-friendly products for pets, releases biodegradable poop bags. The idea for this product was to help pet owners clean up their litter, especially when taking their pets for walks.  The head of the company explained, “Cleaning up dog poops is frustrating, especially when the owners bring the dog for a walk. Because of this, we produce extra large poop bags. It is not only large but also durable. We try to limit leakage problems by choosing high-quality materials.”

Just because the company wants to create high-quality dog poop bags doesn’t mean they sacrifice anything else, including the environment. For this purpose, the company uses biodegradable materials. The US produces up to 292.4 million tons of waste per year, and some of them are non-biodegradable. The more non-biodegradable waste available, the more disruptive the living space will be. These pollutants harm animals and the ecosystem in the environment. The head of the company stated, “Indeed, we are also concerned about the bad odour of the poop. Because of that, we are not only producing durable and strong poop bags but also scented. It hopes people around the users of this bag can smell the lavender scent instead of the bad smell from the dog poop. Our team also uses EPI technology to ensure that the bag is breaking down within a few years.”

Using this product is also easy.  Users only need to turn the package on and off and buckle up the bag. A package of this poop bag consists of 315 bags in 21 rolls. It is enough for dog owners, so they don’t run out of stock, especially when they need it urgently. The head of the company stated, “Our company offers this product at an affordable price. We are giving a discount price now. Pet owners only have to check our official website and compare the cost of the compostable poop bags before and after discount prices. The aim of this discounted price is to educate pet owners about the use of biodegradable poop bags instead of plastic bags.”

The more pet owners understand the importance of using biodegradable poop bags, the more effective the environmental campaign will be. Indeed, the company expects that compostable poop bags will become a solution for pet owners, pets, and the environment. Pet owners are calmer when taking their dogs outside because they are always ready with a poop bag.


VIETDAI provides pet owners with aa wide range of products for cats and dogs.  Compostable poop bags are one of their products. For more information, please visit

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