VIETDAI Introduces Eco-Friendly Pet Wipes With Aloe Vera

400 thick and mild pet wipes
VIETDAI introduces two different pet wipes packages with aloe vera ingredients. These packages ensure that pet owners can use the wipes whenever and wherever they need them.

VIETDAI, a company that produces wipes for cats and dogs, introduced two different packages of pet wipes.  They launched these packages to meet the needs of pet owners. The company manager explained,  “Our company is ready with 400 and 80 thick wipes packages. We realize that the need for a wipe is different depending on the breed. Some breeds need less grooming, and others need to be moist and hydrated all the time. The goal is to ensure that the pets have a healthy skin coat.”

Despite the number of the wipe, both packages are the same. For example, the team designs this product for all types of cats and dogs. They have to ensure that it is safe enough, including for dogs and cats with sensitive skin coats. The manager of this company stated, ”Our team develops pet wipes for dogs and cats based on intensive research. We hope that this product can be an effective solution to groom pets safely due to the use of natural ingredients.”

The team chooses specific ingredients, including aloe vera extract, water, and vitamin E, as the main ingredients. The ingredients are not only safe for dogs and cats but also for the environment. The 400 thick wipes are suitable for active pets and sensitive to dirt or dust. The owners will not run out of wipe stock, especially in urgent conditions. The 80 thick wipe package is suitable for owners who often bring their beloved cats or dogs outside for playing and interacting with others. Owners can directly open the clear plastic flap and pull out the wipe from the packaging. The company manager said,  “We try to produce a product that is easy to use. Owners can use this wipe directly after pulling it out from the package. They can discard the wipe in trash after using it.” One of the goals of this product is to help owners to clean their beloved pets right away after playing in the soil, mud, pool, and other areas. This treatment will keep them clean to prevent bacteria, viruses, water, or tiny animals from staying on the skin coat before the full grooming.

The company manager explains, “Grooming a dog seems to be easier than a cat. We hope that the cat wipes can make the process more comfortable. Our team chose ingredients that are comfortable for cats, so they remain calm during the wiping.” 


VIETDAI is concerned about the health of dogs and cats. Because of that, this company provides pet owners with pet wipes, poop bags, and recyclable tableware.

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