Video Report: Cyberlux Corporation Lays Groundwork to Post a Transformative 2022 (OTC: CYBL)

Having the right products and services in the market at the right time delivers critical and inherent competitive advantages. And when those advantages are leveraged with cutting-edge technologies and a dedication to increasing shareholder value, investors are usually well-rewarded. That’s likely the case for investors in Cyberlux Corporation (OTC: CYBL), a company proving that massive opportunities can come through a micro-cap price. 

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However, know that the only thing small about this Advanced Technology Platform is its share price. And the valuation disconnect shows after Cyberlux made big moves in 2021 and established a detailed plan for 2022 to complete several near-term milestones that could quickly bring its share price back to 52-week highs and beyond. If so, significant gains are in play.

In fact, that 52-week high of $0.07 is back in the crosshairs after recent developments put them in a better position than ever to accelerate its revenue-generating plans. Thus, selling pressure brought on by broader market declines may have exposed an opportunity to invest in CYBL at a share price that in no way reflects its near and long-term potential. With that in mind, why miss out?

Instead, it may be wiser to capitalize upon the opportunity created by current share levels and invest in CYBL’s mission to provide industry-leading technology solutions to U.S. government agencies, commercial markets, and international customers. Moreover, with a diversified and growing portfolio pushing next-gen technology like unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), advanced lighting solutions, renewable energy, infrastructure technology, and Software-as-a-Service solutions, CYBL is more than timely; its best-in-class solutions meet client demand that is higher than ever.

And, with Cyberlux perhaps in the best operating position in its history, record-high revenues and higher share prices could be in near-term sights.

Four Divisions; $300 Billion Opportunity

For Cyberlux and its investors, it’s all about execution. And they are set up well to deliver. CYLB has positioned itself to drive shareholder value higher through four divisions: FlightEye UAS Solutions, Advanced Lighting Solutions, Infrastructure Technology, and Infrastructure Software Solutions, targeting markets with consistent and critical demand. Therefore, investors should take comfort in knowing Cyberlux has a revenue-generating arsenal in place to provide next-gen solutions to a discerning client list.

Cyberlux’s first division, FlightEye UAS Solutions, targets the $27 billion global market with a military-grade hardware and software guidance system platform. The value from this division comes through its ability to offer more outstanding capabilities than many of its competitors. In fact, CYBL’s platform may be the best at providing mission-critical capabilities relating to drones and other unmanned aircraft systems, inclusive of enhanced infrared night vision, thermal sensors, eye-in-the-sky monitoring, and LiDAR mapping and perception. Even better, the Q3 2021 acquisition of CTMC Drone Solutions, LLC will allow Cyberlux to quickly expand this division’s reach of revenue-generating opportunities. And, this is only their first division.

Cyberlux’s Advanced Lighting Solutions division can also be a significant value driver leading to upsized growth in 2022. This division leverages the strength of Cyberlux’s patented LED lighting systems, which are used by government agencies such as the U.S. Air Force, National Guard, Special Operations Command, the U.S. Army, and the Defense Logistics Agency. This division is yet another example of the cutting-edge technology offered by CYBL. 

For instance, its BrightEye and WhiteEye systems provide a state-of-the-art design using advanced, portable, battery-powered LED lighting systems ideal for special operation actions such as tactical deployments, remote maintenance, and emergency & disaster recovery programs. Another plus, this division offers Cyberlux’s NightEye Shelter Lighting System (NSLS), which delivers energy-efficient lighting for semi-permanent shelters. The market for advanced lighting solutions is estimated at $1.8 billion and also comes with a built-in demand level that is expected to provide Cyberlux with consistent revenues from this niche yet important market. And CYBL still has two more divisions targeting industries with abundant, lucrative opportunities.

Cyberlux’s Infrastructure Technology Solutions division focuses on providing industry-leading products and services relating to infrastructure hardware, renewable energy, telecommunications technology, and project implementation. The infrastructure technology market is valued at $56 billion worldwide, and Cyberlux has worked efficiently to maximize its market opportunities by acquiring multiple companies that provide this specialized client base with perfectly tailored, next-generation services and solutions.

Lastly, Cyberlux’s Infrastructure Software Solutions (SaaS) division is expediting its own revenue-generating opportunities that could bring this micro-cap name into the big leagues. Even better, it synergizes well with the numerous services offered through its FlightEye UAS Solutions division, including UAS guidance system software, UAS service support software, and software applications for telecommunications and data analytics. Thus, revenues could see exponential growth through combined opportunities. 

And, keep in mind, Software as a Service technology has become a massively popular asset, experiencing a surge in popularity by its inherent ability to provide easy use by customers and consistent revenues for providers. These advantages have led nearly all enterprise software companies to enhance their focus on including SaaS technology and strategies in their portfolios to strengthen market positions. Between SaaS and the other client-focused applications targeted by this division, Cyberlux is looking to earn its share of a $221 billion global market. And, should everything continue as planned, they could earn a big piece of it sooner rather than later.

One of the biggest takeaways from the Cyberlux investment proposition is that while a company its size would do well by maximizing value from just one division, CYBL has four. Moreover, Cyberlux’s growing portfolio of products and services target markets that will always need the technologies they offer. The best news of all is that even after transformative moves made in 2021, Cyberlux isn’t slowing down. Instead, the company has continued to execute its aggressive acquisition and joint ventures strategies to increase shareholder value. And if the first month of the year is any indication, Cyberlux is locked and loaded to continue to do more of the same in the coming weeks and quarters.

A Year of Record Highs Brings Great Momentum

2021 was transformational, thanks partly to a newly implemented business strategy called the Operation Alpha Growth Plan. The plan stated three goals:

Drive growth through aggressive acquisition and development strategies.

Address core target markets with its newest technologies.

Gain immediate business velocity by accelerating its IP development and projects in South America.

Cyberlux made significant strides on all three of these fronts, with the second half of 2021 being one of the company’s best performances in its history. Q3/2021 saw the acquisition of CTMC Drone Solutions, LLC, which became the foundation of one of its newest business divisions, FlightEye UAS Drone Solutions. This division, which focuses on drone manufacturing and other services, has created an enormous opportunity to expand its development and sales of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to government and commercial markets.

Another significant development in Q3 2021 was Cyberlux’s acquisition of the FBD Group SHPK, a global telecommunications, infrastructure, software & service provider, and innovator in next-gen technologies such as 5G. Headquartered in Tirana, Albania, FBD Group is one of the region’s leading suppliers of fiber optic broadband infrastructure. The acquisition intends to deliver a potentially lucrative new stream of revenues, as the combined team’s experienced software developers understand how to properly build secure enterprise-level software solutions to meet the stringent needs of government and large-scale commercial clients. Moreover, FBD Group’s experience with 5G technologies will allow Cyberlux to provide their client’s top-quality service for emerging and next-gen technologies. The value added can be enormous.

Still, while Q3 2021 was transformative on its own, Cyberlux carried that momentum even further in Q4, with many of the year’s most significant developments happening in December alone. The most impressive takeaway from Cyberlux’s performance in 2021 is its increase in revenues, which nearly doubled on a consecutive basis from Q3 over Q4, surging from $2.25 million to $5.1 million. Revenues posted in Q4 2021 were not only the highest per quarter in company history; they also contributed to Cyberlux surpassing its own full-year revenue guidance by $2.5 million.

However, there’s more than just its revenues that have brought Cyberlux to its strongest operating position ever. A deal made in Q4 of 2021 was one of Cyberlux’s biggest acquisitions yet: Kreatx SHPK, an experienced developer of SaaS and end-user applications. The acquisition will immediately boost Cyberlux’s Infrastructure Software Solutions business division, facilitating the company in offering end-to-end SaaS solutions to governments and commercial clients around the world. The Kreatx acquisition will also serve as the foundation for the company’s new Cyberlux Digital Software Platform, which is one of the company’s key growth initiatives for 2022. Also, the platform will be a critical component of Cyberlux’s plans to expand its operations in North America, South America, and Europe. Hence, new markets more revenues.

Indeed, Cyberlux’s latest deals and milestones reached put them in an enviable position to maximize the potential of each of its divisions. Better still, expect results from Cyberlux transforming its latest acquisitions into shareholder value. Best of all, with Cyberlux’s aggressive acquisition strategy showing no signs of slowing down, its assertive stance to build value in 2021 could be the precursor of much more to come. 

Exploiting a Valuation Disconnect

Simply put, Cyberlux’s current share price is materially disconnected from the intrinsic value of assets held. That’s amplified by CYBL posting two of its highest-earning quarters ever, acquisitions of CTMC Drone Solutions, LLC and Kreatx, and strategic initiatives designed to generate revenues faster than many expect. None of that should be ignored or discounted. On the contrary, having added these companies’ experienced teams and innovative products to their asset portfolio, Cyberlux is poised for a breakout year.

And as the company continues to leverage the bolstered strengths of its four divisions, its current share price is more than attractive; it’s a compelling investment proposition. Moreover, following a series of acquisitions that brought in a variety of next-gen products and experienced team members, what’s attractive now may become simply too big to ignore. In fact, it already is. Hence, the best plan of action from an investor’s perspective may be to seize the opportunity. After all, while valuation disconnects can be normal, they typically don’t last long. 

Therefore, for investors looking to invest in companies with scale, product mix, and operational efficiency, Cyberlux could be an intelligent choice. Not only that, with CYBL intending to uplist to a more senior NASDAQ market shortly, doing so quickly could make the most out of the opportunity at hand.


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