Victorage Gaming Chair Is Bringing a New Retro Trend

Victorage Noble Teal Edition Gaming Chair

Generally speaking, gaming chairs are usually matching up with the gaming room setup, that what the most gaming chairs on the market do. But what a surprise is that Victorage gaming chair rebuilds the design concept and makes them more suitable for various home furnitures.

Noble Teal Edition

Teal is an uncommon color on the gaming chair market. But it was widely used in the 1950s and 1960s by interior designers. It is an ingenuity to combine teal PU leather with black PU leather, which makes the chair look noble, mystical and retro. Adhering to Victorageโ€™s consistent characteristics, the integrated steel frame that forms the shape of the gaming chair ensures long-term durability, keeping a sense of secure and stable throughout any intense gameplay or work. The Ultra Premium High Resilience Foam boasts a density well above industry standard that helps the chair retain its shape over extended periods of time, effectively distributing the load while preventing users sinking too deeply into the upholstery.

Passionful Orange Edition

Orange is also a color that has a retro feeling. If it is used in the interior design, it will easily catch peopleโ€™s eyes and bring the room a sense of vigor. The combination of orange and black makes the chair look not only minimalist but also unique enough. The chair features supple PU leather, 4D armrests, frog mechanism and aluminum alloy base. PU leather is hydrolysis resistance, 4D armrests offer maximum adjustability across four dimensions, frog mechanism allows to enjoy the tilt function. As one of the critical support structure of the chair, the base is fabricated with aluminum alloy to provide stability and lasting durability, providing the necessary strength to ensure longevity.

Tranquil Blue Edition

Does anyone ship the couple like blue and pink? This tranquil blue edition chair is definitely a couple with the cool pink one as they feature the same components. It also goes well with many interior home design, adapting to different home styles. The highlight of this chair is its microfiber fabric, touching soft and smooth. It will be more breathable with superior material performance, also with good wear resistance, tear resistance and strong tensile force. It is supported with a class-4 gas lift verified by SGS, providing the extra adjustability.

All the chairs will be available soon on their Amazon shop.

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