VICTORAGE Gaming Chair: Interpretation of Perfection


Any chair is composed of many small components, a perfect gaming chair is even more demanding on the various parts of it. Perhaps a minuscule screw will have an impact on the final shape, as the saying goes, “A small leak will sink a great ship,” VICTORAGE understand the “details determine success or failure” of the truth, so strict control of the quality of each part, for each of the factory Gaming chairs have a rigorous inspection procedures.

So, a perfect gaming chair, roughly what parts are composed of it? VICTORAGE and how to prove their brand strength through practical action? Gaming chairs are mainly composed of built-in materials, exterior fabrics and external parts. First of all, let’s analyze the built-in material, built-in material is divided into built-in skeleton and built-in sponge.

Built-in skeleton: VICTORAGE choose all-steel (Q235) skeleton, the use of mechanical arm spot welding process, the use of serpentine spring structure, the skeleton as a whole using electrophoresis process, environmental protection and effective rust prevention.

Built-in sponge: VICTORAGE adopts one-piece foaming process, the skeleton and the original sponge foam molding. Unlike the collage type built-in structure, the need to use glue for bonding. VICTORAGE’s chairs are truly environmentally friendly, no glue, no odor, so that consumers can rest assured that long-term use.

Exterior fabric: flame composite, the use of natural organic materials as gum, ancient environmental protection process, and the thickness of the sponge is higher, increasing the elasticity of the seat.

Finally, hardware components: VICTORAGE sets up a team to develop spare part , use exclusive and customized spare parts data, make products identifiable and innovative. The establishment of its own production line to achieve rapid response to the market.

VICTORAGE strictly controls the quality from raw material purchase, and adopts unified quality management to control the quality of all parts and improve thecompetitiveness of products.

This shows that the development of an ergonomic and durable gaming chair, not a one-time thing. It is because VICTORAGE has more than 20 years of outstanding achievements in precision engineering and user comfort research, focus on details, so the gaming chair developed by VICTORAGE craftsmanship is more in line with human life, and a better user experience.

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