Vermelēon is a luxury fashion label launched by LaShae Washington, the brand’s CEO and designer, in November 2011. This Maryland-based fashion label has been steadily growing in popularity since its launch. Its streetwear-inspired athleisure pieces feature the brand’s signature bold font logo and V crest. Vermelēon is a brand that doesn’t shy away from putting its name front and center in every design.

The brand has something to offer every fashionista, from statement jewelry to unisex bags and everyone’s favorite slides. If you’re looking for casual clothing that you can wear everywhere while keeping a luxury aesthetic, look no further than Vermelēon.

In recent years, Vermelēon has quickly caught the public’s imagination. In November 2017, Vermelēon hosted its first fashion show in partnership with B2K group member, Lil’ Fizz. Just a month later, the brand received a call from the TMG Firm in New York to feature custom designs by Vermelēon in ‘Out of Bounds’, a 2020 film starring Deynote Tattted Hunter.

As a luxury fashion brand, Vermelēon caters to everyone with menswear, unisex, and children’s pieces. Their collection also includes contrasting slides that feature Vermelēon’s logo and crest, along with an extensive accessories range. One of Vermelēon’s most popular pieces is its gold and silver necklaces, with the brand’s signature logo engraved in crystals. For an elevated look, there is a matching gold bracelet available.

As Vermelēon’s popularity has skyrocketed, their social media following has grown with it. The brand is now on the radar of everyone from celebrities to influencers and fashion bloggers, with the brand’s statement streetwear pieces appearing all over Instagram and independent websites.

Vermelēon has amassed tens of thousands of followers on social media, with a loyal fan base that incorporates the brand’s signature pieces into their everyday closets.

Celebrities like singer/songwriter Tyler Michelle and musician ReeMarkable have all been spotted wearing some of Vermelēon’s signature pieces, from sweatshirts to statement crystal necklaces.

ZellSwag, one of the biggest influencers in men’s streetwear, has shared his Vermelēon’s pieces with his 600k+ followers on social media. Another notable influencer to feature Vermelēon on their social media is Moniece Slaughter, who put the brand in front of her 1.6 million followers. Miss Nikkii Baby shared her royal blue Vermelēon hoodie with her 3.4m followers, saying it was the perfect comfortable choice for a travel day.

The popularity of Vermelēon comes from its laidback but versatile streetwear aesthetic. Their pieces are designed to be lived in and go with you wherever your adventures take you. Whether you’re chilling at the airport or grabbing a coffee with friends, Vermelēon’s collection is exactly what millennials and Gen Z are looking for.

As a female-founded indie brand, Vermelēon is already making a name for itself in the world of streetwear. Their pieces blend minimalistic garments and accessories with their logo for a contemporary look that lets everyone know you’re wearing Vermelēon.

You can visit the official Vermelēon store in District Heights, Maryland, or explore the full fashion and accessory collection on the brand’s website. You can also follow Vermelēon’s CEO and designer LaShae Washington on social media to get updates on everything to do with Vermelēon.

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