Juan Andres Dellacasa star of Italian League
By: Chris Lopez

Miami, FL – Juan Andrés Dellacasa one of Venezuela’s most successful defenders is rumored to join MLS next season.

Dellacasa has been fielding tryouts in Orlando, Miami, and New York while also keeping options abroad in Spain and Italy.

The 6’2 defender has been breaking records in Spaniard and Italian leagues. With Carbonia Calcio, Dellacasa defended over 700 minutes as starter including matches against their classical game against Inter Milan. Carbonia Calcio credits Dellacasa as one of the best defenders in their history allowing only a handful of goals to pass his filter.

In Spain, Dellacasa made his mark in Barcelona playing in the Catalunya League as a starter for the entire 2021 season. Dellacasa says he likes playing in Europe but wants to be part of the explosion happening at MLS.

“My fellow Venezuelan players have cemented themselves as protagonists at MLS and it is only natural for me to go and be part of such a great time in American football,” said Dellacasa.

Dellacasa not only brings his skill and experience to the negotiating table but also a large and loyal fan base that have followed him to Spain and Italy. The potential commercial benefit of a player is a key factor in landing a team in the MLS according to soccer agent Damion Perez.

“Any club views players as an investment to win tournaments, but also to offer a monetary return on investment, Dellacasa offers both,” says the player recruit.

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