Velvet 23 Drops His Debut Music NFT With Hit Producer Juntao

Talented progressive artist, Velvet 23, announces the release of “Coconut Water Pineapple Juice Flow,” a music NFT produced by the fast-rising producer Juntao

Velvet 23 looks to challenge the status quo in two seemingly parallel worlds as he drops his latest music single as a music NFT on the Rarible Platform. The NFT is titled “Coconut Water Pineapple Juice Flow,” the project is produced by Juntao, who has song credits with the likes of as RalfyThePlug, Drakeo, KingsMostWanted, Saviii3rd, AmbJaay, DonnyLoc, and The Stinc Team. As a young and up and coming producer Juntao is making more headway in the last year than most producers make years into the industry.

Music continues to break all forms of boundaries and the recent increasing popularity of music NFTs has further substantiated this claim. Velvet 23’s first NFT released as an artist feature is suitably timed for the METAVERSE Summer, as he brings his seemingly unconventional style that makes him stand out in the industry.

The project is the first of its kind from the artist and also marks the Debut NFT from producer Juntao, as both acts look to make a mark in the NFT industry as well as the Metaverse. Staying true to his favorite quote “create or be entertained,” Velvet 23 comes with his thought-provoking, business infused compelling lyrics as he takes his fans on another amazing listening experience.

In one of the lyrics, it says “Just bought the dip in some crypto. Shibu Inu,” referring to the buy the dip mentality that many optimistic crypto investors have. His Catchy Chorus, “Coconut Water with the Pineapple Juice Flow – Get Money Stack Money That’s Crucial – Doing Numbers In The Fast lane, You Too Slow – I Ain’t Feeling You Either, It’s Mutual,” gives an upbeat tropical summer infused vibe.

Velvet 23 and Juntao have created the project for collectors who to stand out from the norm. They are giving music lovers from all walks an opportunity to own a prized equitable art piece, by purposefully setting an affordable price. Though they can’t help with the NFT gas fees. But that’s another article on its own.

Coconut Water Pineapple Juice Flow is currently available on Rarible for NFT enthusiasts and lovers of good hip hop music worldwide.

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About Velvet 23

Velvet 23 is an artist known for not adhering or committing to any genre, describing himself as anti-genre, even as his main outlet remains hip hop. He offers a blend of different genres while exploring new ones, without aligning to any guidelines, to break free from any barrier boxing his artistic expression.

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