Variant Trailers Australia Launches New Maxi-Load Range of Stronger and Lighter Trailers

Fusing European style and strength with Danish quality and design, the Danish-owned trailer manufacturer has been delivering world-class trailers to customers across all industries for over half a century

July 19, 2022 – Variant Trailers Australia is delighted to announce that it has launched a new ‘Maxi-load’ series of stronger and lighter trailers. In a statement released today, the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty European trailers revealed that the new inventory will include generic categories such as Pro-Line, Universal, and Machine Trailers.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to provide superior products and services, Variant Trailers designed and built the new lightweight trailers to offer customers a stronger upgrade from traditional trailers, with the ability to constantly take heavy loads. In addition to having a high payload capacity and low tare weight, the new maxi-load range of Variant trailers also have the standard Australian Federal compliance to use mechanical overrun braking up to 3500kg over the traditional 2000kg limit. 

The ‘Maxi-load” series comprises two and three-axle trailers. These trailers use Knott heavy key lock couplings, parabolic leaf springs, aluminum profiled detachable sides, and superior chassis design to provide extra strength and durability for trailers carrying maximum load.

In the early years, the company’s product range focused exclusively on smaller hobby trailers for private use. Thanks to the quality of its products and foresight, the company has today evolved to include large commercial business trailers. Like most successful ventures, Variant Trailers started as a bright business idea.  It was founded by Niels Buhl on June 1, 1975. From the backyard of his private home, he formed a company that – at the time-   produced small hobby trailers. The company began to grow and at the beginning of 1977, his brother Jens Buhl was hired, and the following year also co-owner of De Forenede Trailerfabrikker. ‘United Trailer Factory.’ With more experience and knowledge of the industry, Variant Trailers Australia was created in 2016 when the team decided to supply the large demand for high-quality heavy-duty trailers from Australian customers.

Formerly known as United Trailer Factories, Variant Trailers has since evolved from a simple family-owned business to one of the biggest manufacturers of superior quality trailers in Europe – covering Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and now Australia. The brand boasts an extensive inventory that addresses the needs of all kinds of industries with diverse categories that include Boat Trailers, Refrigerated Trailers, Flat-top Trailers, Tilt Trailers, Tipper Trailers, Plant Trailers, and Car Transporters.

“Variant Trailers Australia is governed by the principle of integrity and transparency, going far back to our earlier days over half a century ago. We’ve spent decades perfecting our craft – fusing European style and strength with Danish quality and design, to deliver world-class trailers to address the needs of all industries, as well as a stellar business experience for our customers.”

All Variant trailers are manufactured with superior quality materials including hot-dip galvanized chassis, as well as plywood or steel floors with widths ranging from 1.4m to 2.5m wide. To learn more about Variant Trailers Australia or to check out its new ‘Maxi-load’ series trailers, please reach out to the premium manufacturer via the contact info below.

Media Contact
Company Name: Variant Trailers Australia
Contact Person: Eamon Corless
Email: Send Email
Phone: +61 2 4367 0026
Address:2 Aston Road
City: Erina
State: NSW, 2250
Country: Australia

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