Vancouver Architect and Designer Explores the Possibilities of Integrated Rooms

integrated rooms increase freedom and flow, making them a favorite for architects and interior designers.

North Vancouver, BC — (ReleaseWire) — 02/16/2022 — When land is at a premium, maximizing space usage is a must. For the Vancouver architect and interior design team at m+ Architecture l Interior Design, creative solutions are a specialty, and one of the most innovative are integrated rooms.

Integrated rooms allow residents to enjoy residential spaces simultaneously. The concept can involve combining living and dining rooms, balconies and even kitchens. In these cases, spaces are open rather than separated by structures, such as masonry walls, wood, or concrete. Also known as open concept, rooms flow from one to the next. Fewer walls create a feeling of continuityโ€”small spaces feel and look larger.

Advantages of Integrated Spaces
Integrated rooms are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Nor should it be applied just because it is new and exciting. Think about how the family worksโ€”the best solutions make people’s lives more functional and comfortable. This gives architecture and interior design real staying power over faddy trends. There are some compelling reasons to consider integrated rooms:

– Spaciousnessโ€” fewer walls visually enlarge the spaces–they feel bigger

– Space optimization โ€” more space is available for use and storage

– Increases social areas โ€” integration promotes contact between residents and visitors in different areas of the home

– Personalization โ€” open floor plans offer greater freedom to personalize and decorate

For the Vancouver architect and interior design team at m+ Architecture l Interior Design, integration can be a forward-thinking solution for families hoping to optimize space usage in smaller homes and living spaces. It is a functional, beautiful way to maximize liveability and create appealing modern spaces that maximize the use of Vancouver’s premium-priced land.

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